Majordomo - chinatown


aaand it happened


“The first night the restaurant ran the fruit plate, only one sold. But then Johnson decided to freeze the grapes, and make the dish look more Japanese.”

Cooking manipulation at its finest.


My wife loves the Bounty Bowl at Majordomo which is basically veggies in a bowl. **shrugs


If they can find an actual ripe melon like you’d get in Italy or Japan, that would give me another reason to go there.

I used to buy them from a vendor at a couple of farmers markets 30-45 minutes from my house, but he retired. Maybe I can check out out Weiser Family Farms next time I’m in LA.


The nam prik is what makes the Bounty Bowl.

Great dish for a hot day or just to get some veg to balance the rich stuff you’re probably mostly getting there.


That didn’t take long. :slight_smile:

California seduces yet another cynical, dismissive New Yorker.

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Edit to add: I recently learned about the salted melon trick. I forget where I read it. Basically, if you have an unripe or not very flavorful melon, rub a little salt on the melon wedge. The first time I tried it, I used too much salt, but the second wedge was really good!


A little togarishi is good, too.


i was wary at first but you’re right. the nam prik makes the dish good.
I was just trying to get over the fact that i paid for raw veggies in a bowl.


They were hand-washed with local, organic artisan water.


Correction: Unicorn tears were used to bless the veggies.


As a matter of fact, the unicorn tears are indeed offered as an $8 supplement.


Not at Majordomo, but I’ve had Shizuoka musk melon for dessert at several places in the US. That is definitely the kind of fruit one can simply serve on a plate. Now, where to find someone serving Miyazaki mangoes…

Hence why the prosciutto and melon thing works so well! Actually I’m really into Culatello on melon - with age, the culatello has a distinct melon flavor and of course salty edges.

I quite like pepper on fruit - pink peppercorn on grapefruit works very well. Or, not quite pepper, but cardamom with orange.


Where do you get your culatello?


Culatello is available at Eataly.
It’s also sold at Guidi Marcello, but it’s been sliced and packaged already.


Also at Dopolavoro


That’s a new one for me. Looks very good. Thank you for sharing.


Because I’m located in San Francisco, I get culatello at Fatted Calf Charcuterie.


California’s produce is wonderful.

I think final menu price is going to play a big factor whether this is ridiculous or not. If the price ends up like what APL charged @PorkyBelly for Raw Onions ($10 for a plate of onions) that’ll just be sad. :frowning:

It’s true not everyone can get to a local farmers market that has Weiser Family Farms, but the cost of the Sugar Cube Melon (which is what is being served) is so affordable (usually about $7 for an entire melon), and that pic looks like they’re serving 1/4 of the melon.


I was fortunate enough to stay and eat at this place in Emilio Romagna a few years back. They have a cave of culotellos curing as well as some Parmesan wheels. Along with on site farm and Michelin Star resto. Cannot recommend highly enough for fellow food freaks.


Guido’s is disappointing compared to Eataly