Majordōmo - chinatown


Thanks @PorkyBelly. Phew, that sounds reasonable. I was afraid they’d pull an APL Onions treatment on us.


After some gentle prodding from @PorkyBelly, I finally made the (1 hour in traffic) trip from Culver City to Majordomo.

The restaurant is beautiful, industrial yet warm. Photos do not do justice to the clean lines and uncrowded airiness of the space.

Art and kimchi earthenware jars.

A most comfortable leather stool for dinner.

Three salads and a mixed up bowl of eggs with smoked roe.

After a few bites, I finally figured out what the bing with eggs, roe and carmelized onions reminded me of: spaetzle fried with onion!

I enjoyed this place very much. If only it was on Abbot Kinney. :slight_smile:


Yeah that looked like more than enough for five people, especially with all the rice. Honestly, even 6 people.


looks like a nice warm up before the whole plate short ribs. what’s that lone egg doing in the background?


Nice report @Bookwich. Yah, your photos would be the “amuse bouche” for @PorkyBelly and @J_L! :wink:


I saved one to eat without accoutrements. Those are very, very good eggs.


Fab meal last night.
Major improvements at Majordomo (compared to 3 previous very good meals, last nights was exceptional)



What’s this? Oxtail?


Yes - fried oxtail dropped into the “old” potato-fried garlic-peanut base. Really good.

The ribeye was eye opening. And the fucking fries!!! OMG.

Loved the prawns and melon.

Only semi-miss was the frozen foie gras (the pic with the arrow) as a bing topping. The bing was better than ever but the frozen foie left me a bit cold.


don’t let me stop you.

actually, i’m intrigued to discover what constitutes a typical S_A_M quip.

to you, anyway.


“If you’ve been playing poker for half an hour and you still don’t know who the patsy is, you’re the patsy.”


Maybe just not my preferred way to eat it.


DC uses chicken salt on those fucking fries.


What’s chicken salt?


Salt that’s afraid of everything.



Knorr chicken bouillon


Party pooper. I was thinking dried chicken sweat.


Kinda brilliant


The Lucky Peach recipe apparently included:

180 g chicken skin, trimmed
270 ml chicken stock
80 g mushroom powder
180 g kosher salt
20 g white pepper
45 g sea salt
20 g garlic powder
20 g onion powder

This blog post has what the guy says is an adaptation: