Majordōmo - chinatown


Sure you can! I’ve been using pink Florida shrimp. And the trick to the sauce is to add some watermelon juice when you’re tossing the salad with the vinaigrette.


I don’t see shrimp that good very often, and I’m really intolerant of mediocre shrimp.


Yes I can make it without the shrimp. Melon is almost out of season, get it while you can.


Hardly the same dish without shrimp.


Think of it as a different dish. The shrimp isn’t really adding to the flavor of the salad, it’s simply picking up the sweetness, spiciness and saltiness of the fruit, chilies and fish sauce. I think it’s a great flavor combination.


The shrimp is what made it a great dish.

I’ve experimented with fish sauce and chiles as a way of making mediocre melons worth eating. Meh.


It was okay, good crunch but under-seasoned, most of the flavor I got was from the sauce.


those bones should be picked clean! look great.


That’s what they give you to gnaw on after cutting it up for the beef fat rice.


For the record the remainder of that bottle of Maximus Fer Servadou was still delicious three days later.


post-bang bing bing

benton’s reserve ham (spicy lamb, butter and honey not shown)
bing, butter, honey, and ham is still the fucking cat’s pajamas. So good trump can’t stop talking about it.

heirloom tomatoes, stone fruit, sesame, basil

string beans, grapes, almonds, gribiche

summer melon, chilled shrimp, cucumber, chili lime vinaigrette

fried oxtail, salsa seca, peanuts, chili

stuffed peppers, benton’s sack sausage, buttermilk

thao’s greens and chili jam

spicy bo ssam, bibb lettuce, rice, condiments

bang bang apl-style whole plate short ribs, beef rice, shiso, rice paper, ssamjan, condiments

avocado kakigori

Rappahannock oyster bar

pre-bing bang

paradise cover oysters
bay scallops, yuzu, burnt orange, poppy seed, tarragon

peel & eat shrimp cocktail, achiote cocktail sauce, lemon, celery


How many people were eating all that pork?




Not enough.