Majordōmo - chinatown


120pg (per glutton)


One good thing about resy is you can set a notification. Majordomo only takes reservations 30 days out so I put a notification in for a Friday night on one of the days that wasn’t available yet. Once the date and time were available, I was notified by email and it was easy to make the reservation, I was even able to save an APL rib.


What time do the reservations open, midnight?


reservations open 10 am Pacific Time.


Tried to get a reservation for Oct 27th but while I was entering my CC info for the 6:30 short rib reservation the reservation disappeared. Wish Resy had a better system to handle this.


i think its easier when you have an account setup on Resy. But yeah, I agree, Resy needs a better system.


Oh wow. I know this word is overused, but those meals really do look amazing!



I know. I can’t stop thinking about it. It seems so simple, but definitely one of my best bites of the year.


I got one Bing and felt like snatching another one off someone else’s plate. :yum:


Pro tip: if the weekend weather is forecasted to be nice, a bunch of weekend patio tables are released Thursday evening. Grab a table, call to reserve your ribs, enjoy.


Thanks @PorkyBelly

I tried to find the area on Resy to enter my CC info so I don’t run into the same problem again but couldn’t find the place to enter my CC info. My friend ended up getting a reservation for 8pm.


Looks like Resy accepts credit card info only in the smartphone app, not on the web site.


You are correct. I added my credit card to the app. You would think that if you log into the web site they’d have this information linked to the app so you don’t have to enter CC info again separately.


Resy seems to emphasize using the app, as they definitely haven’t provided a robust browser interface like Opentable. For example, to make a reservation on Resy using a browser, you basically have to go to the restaurant’s website. Can’t really browse your area online.


Resy’s a small startup. Not making the credit card information accessible on the web site is probably the fastest and cheapest way to make sure it’s secure.

I can browse my area on the web and make reservations.


went saturday night, a cool low 60s out, but they have installed recessed heaters into the patio ceiling that are emit just enough heat that you think you’re out on a warm day.

Finally tried the fries as well. Delicious. My friends were talking about how much they loved the fries last time but I didn’t order the steak (since we had more than enough food) . The restaurant surprised us with a few orders of the “bill simmons” fries later on in the evening as they overheard us talking.


Wait did I miss something? What are the Bill Simmons fries? Love his podcasts.

Btw I don’t know who they have running FOH but I really think wait service is very good


BS fries that come with the ribeye


Chicken Salt! :star_struck:


That Trump GIF is f-ing funny!

I wanted to be the 600th poster on this thread… but I meant what I wrote. :blush: