Majordōmo - chinatown


(new) pig head terrine
Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat.

cultured butter and honey


grilled sprouting broccoli, almond, orange, chili
This was like discovering your fat, bitter, life-long mortal enemy, mr. calabrese broccoli, had a slim, tender, superior, cousin you never knew about. Dressing it with sweet oranges, chili, crispy rice and some sort of xo sauce didn’t hurt either. Surprise highlight of the night.
Also saw the addictive snap peas are back on the menu @Chowseeker1999

glazed kampachi collar, grilled rice, lemon
Perfectly grilled collar with enough sweet glaze to soak up with the crispy rice.

(new) malfadine, dungeness crab, bread crumb, lemon
Crab meat was fresh and sweet, but was overpowered by too much lemon.

foie gras, plum jam, burrata, bunuelo
What i imagine a funnel cake vendor would make if they wanted to piss off peta.


Holy… Need to go back for that terrine


The worst part about not living in LA is that I can’t hit Majordōmo every time I see a great new dish like that.


Is that how I just snagged a 7:30 pm reservation day of?!


Reading this thread in anticipation of my first Majordomo visit and just gleeked all over the screen :laughing:


In my (limited) experience, it seems you can have some success with same day bookings if you’re flexible and are able to go out on a Monday or Tuesday.


This place fucking rules :drooling_face:

No pics unfortunately but you’ve seen most of what we tried anyway: spicy lamb bing, egg and roe bing, stuffed peppers, sugar snap peas, roasted crispy duck rice, and chocolate mousse.

Every single dish was excellent but the standout for both of us was the stuffed peppers. They were perfectly fried, crunchy without being greasy. What really impressed me about this dish, though, was the way it represented fusion food at its best. So often, dishes in this category end up being bland approximations of the ethnic originals. Not so here. Meat-stuffed peppers are a Korean classic and the sack sausage (heh heh) and buttermilk dip were the ideal American complements.

I will definitely be back. And just a heads up, there’s usually seating at the bar on a Sunday.


this was ducking good


So. Good. I was just fantasizing about that crispy rice :sweat_smile:


(new) truffle, butter, honey
adding black truffle to one of my favorite bings just brought this to a

pro top: do not google “truffle butter”

(new) pork neck & spicy pineapple
kind of like an al pastor, a bing pastor.

(new) fried cauliflower, fish sauce vinaigrette, red onion, cilantro
love the vietnamese fish sauce vinaigrette.

BS fries, melted raclette

(new) roasted duck crispy rice, foie gras, citrus, dates
wow, this was fucking delicious. perfectly roasted duck breast and seared foie gras sits on top an incredible layer of crispy rice. underneath that some duck confit, tokyo turnips, japanese leeks and a date-foie puree. this is all topped with smoked duck bone broth. so much duck it tried selling me life insurance.

fuckin fruit on a plate


Are those loquats on the fruit plate?


That looks great @PorkyBelly. :slight_smile: The duck looks so good I can’t wait to try it! :slight_smile:

And it must’ve been so rich that it forced you to order a healthy finisher (fruit on a plate)! :wink:




Oh, of course. I expect the skin to be orange.


The pork neck and duck rice look INSANE. Totally drooling…

How were the fries? (I’m kind of picky about my fries and normally don’t like thicker ones


I think you’ll like it. The duck is indeed excellent, especially the confit, and the crispy rice is like the best tadig you ever tried. The only thing that didn’t work for me was the turnips, but my friend loved them too.


i like how they flip the crispy rice upside down so it stays crispy even with the duck bone broth on the bottom. brilliant.


a bit salty but still delicious. crispy and fluffy and not starchy at all.


How much does the truffle bing run? I’m a sucker for truffles smh


$16 #worthit