Make some ricotta, it's rewarding


dis from last night with raw honey

Take 1 gallon of milk, add 2 cups of half and half.
Slowly heat up to 187 degrees. Should take almost an hour. As it reaches this temp (just before starting a boil) add a 1/3 cup of lemon juice or white vinegar. Stir. If not curdling after 10 seconds bring up the heat and it’ll curdle. Give it a good mix, turn off heat and allow to cool slowly.

Toss in strainer and think of me

(yes, by strict definition this is more in the farmer’s cheese category as i didn’t use the leftovers from mozzarella making)


I’m pretty sure that in Italy whole-milk ricotta is far more common than whey ricotta.

A friend says Meyer lemon is nice.


yea i usually use lemon… meyer when i can get it.

i’ve tried to make whey ricotta once… from 2 gallons… still waaaaay too dry. glad you said that about whole-milk ricotta.