Make some ricotta, it's rewarding


Any chance I could get your recipe? Looks fantastic!!


i dont think i’ll be much help but will ask the baker of the house… i just made the ricotta which is above but with more cream. she mixes it with egg and a bit of cream cheese i think…

crust is some sort of combination of flour, butter, sugar…

blueberry compote is simple sugar, blueberries, zest, lemon juice… can kick up with a bit of baking spices. (she over simmered this time).


I am worried that there is a difference between homemade ricotta and store bought ricotta in terms of consistency. My husband doesn’t think so, but I bake often and I know that using a little extra lemon juice in my lemon squares prevents them from setting.

But I’m going to leap in and make one and post it!


Homemade ricotta is basically the same as additive-free, naturally made commercial ricotta, though fat content might vary. Both are quite different from Polly-O and other commercial brands with gums and stabilizers.


curd is always much finer in commercial one so it retains moisture differently… i prefer the homemade one i think… except for things like ravioli… the smoother texture seems better


Kenji has some tips on making more consistent ricotta:

Atypically, he didn’t try what home cheesemaking nerds recommend, butter muslin:


i stopped using msulins and cheese clothes… my fine mesh sieve drains it perfectly… i dont really want it too dry… thanks, reading. in kenji we trust


One thing about naturally made ricotta, the fat and moisture content can vary wildly between brands or between homemade batches. So commercial ricotta has the advantage that if you stick with the same brand, the results of a recipe will probably be consistent.

I like this one:


oh yea that’s a great one… shit you just reminded me about the sheep’s milk ice cream Iribar made in Getaria… insanity



wow thanks… we go up there a lot