Maple Block Meat Co


The best have off days?

Please provide some empirical evidence of this. Thanks.


This is my experience, too. The lunch platters are great, and if you can do without the sides, buying meats by the pound is even more economical. I’ve been taking out and making little sandwiches with brioche buns. So good!


We often do the same. But the sides on our last visit seem better. The beans and Mac & cheese were really good.


“Everybody has an off-day.”

-Aaron Franklin


here we go again…


Everyone has to smile and laugh, at least once in a while.


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5 years ago?

Yeah. That’s evidence.


I thought you might say that, so I took the liberty of emailing your comments to Aaron “Everbody Has An Off-Day” Franklin. Here’s his reply:

I heard what you were saying! You know nothing of my work! You mean my whole fallacy is wrong. How you got to teach a course in BBQ is totally amazing!

I’m no scientician but it looks to me like he disagrees with you.


PSA: Holy Cow has homemade hot sauces for the asking. Frank’s Red Hot, Trappy’s Louisiana, and Benito’s Spicy. The Benito’s is a very spicy Mexican chili sauce, the others are milder vinegar-based sauce.

They are all excellent. We were trying to get the boy to fill his empty root beer bottle with the Frank’s to take home, but he wouldn’t. Ungrateful child.


They stole the names of popular hot sauces for homemade sauces?


Are these what the sauces are called in-house? I was there recently and didn’t check (but don’t recall them being named that on previous trips)?

I think their sauces are pretty good, so glad to hear they’re available for sale. Thanks for the FYI!


Just got an email from Maple Block about Wagyu beef ribs. Anyone tried these?


Tried the wagyu beef back ribs tonight. Two ribs per order, one very meaty, the other not so. I think that while identifying these as “wagyu” might wasted upon smoking these ribs, we really enjoyed them. Just tender, smokey, beefy, rich with fat - too fatty for my tastes.

We enjoyed the Copa ribs, as well as the vinegar-
based cole slaw and bread & butter pickles.


Have you had their beef short rib yet?

It was easily the best item I have eaten at MBMC. Highly recommend grabbing one, it was one of the best bites of the year.


I’ve been shut out on that short rib at MB EVERY TIME IT’S BEEN OFFERED! Was at Bludso’s B&Q about a month ago - they had it on their menu - AND I GOT SHUT OUT THERE TOO! :sob:



That is cruel and unusual punishment.


Has anyone been to Maple Block recently?

I went yesterday and had a rufff experience food-wise. At first I thought it was just an off day, but basically every component of the three meat lunch plate ranged from average to bad, so I’m wondering if there is a Downhill Alert. The brisket was dry and somehow almost flavorless. Same goes for the chicken. The sausage was fine, but it’s never been their homerun. Ranch Beans were duds. Luckily, the mac&cheese was good, but that’s tough to screw up.

I was shocked by the dire state of the brisket and chicken, though. I remember them being so good. But it wasn’t even in the same ballpark as what Bludso’s is putting out these days.

Hopefully it was just a one-off, but tough to think I’ll be back any time soon. Sad news bears.


I had a reservation a few weeks ago but cancelled because they could not make the dino beef ribs anymore, the person I spoke to said they never served them before. The manager was supposed to call back but never did. I saw that as a sign of not caring about their customers so it wouldn’t surprise me that the same carelessness translated into the food.


Consistency in bbq i tough, but at those prices, it should be above average at worst, not dry and flavorless. That would piss me off immensely and I would have raised a ruckus and I’m normally not the type to do so.

That really is a shame. If they’re positioning themselves as a high end, high priced place, they should act like it.


Not uncommon, still waiting for Le Bernardin to respond to my allergy inquiry from 2 weeks ago…