Maple Block Meat Co


This is disturbing. Maple Block used to be so good – I’ve been waiting to hear whether they’ve straightened their operation out again, but this doesn’t sound promising at all.


Hi @foodshutterbug

I was recently at Bludsos La Brea and it was not the same as Compton. The bbq tastes like McDonalds, which is not a bad thing but not the same as Compton. Also, the ribs don’t taste the same at all. They are more heavy on the smoke and less of a sugar based rub. I really loved Compton ribs and rib tips, but La Brea is not Compton. Most of the food tastes different. I did think the brisket was better than Compton, but the ribs are more of a less is more approach. I really wish they served up the ribs and rib tips more like the Compton location. I used to buy a whole chicken, rack of ribs and a pound of rib tips. And the greens were delicious as well.

I guess what I’m saying is, the name Bludso is on the restaurant, but the food is markedly different.


Based on my various samples, Bludso’s La Brea > Bludso’s Compton > … > Tony Roma’s > Bludso’s Proud Bird



@CeleryVictor From what I’ve been able to piece together, founding chef, Adam Cole parted ways and Adam Steffens took over in January 2017

According to an online bio published in March 2018, Adam Steffens is into butchery and sausages, which makes sense since the server told me the sausages were extremely popular and sold out when I was there at 3p.

The confusing tale of two chefs named “Adam” and differing takes on bbq.


#TeamCompton :facepunch:


@A5KOBE Thanks for the intel. Maybe I’ll try the brisket at Bludso’s B&Que. I went there last year for a special All Stars chef event where Kevin Bludso himself presented the most incredible braised oxtails I’ve ever had and Nicole Rucker offered perfect biscuits and a dreamy passion fruit dessert, but the meal didn’t include any typical ‘que.

As for pork ribs and tips, where do you go nowadays?


I have no where to go. :frowning:

I used to go to Woody’s for rib tips, maybe I’ll have to stop by. I really like Maple Block spare ribs but recent reports here keep me from going.


Oh, Maple Block, why have you forsaken us?


Wow, Maple Block still on the downslide?


@A5KOBE Never having tried MB when the founding chef was there, I can’t say if it’s going downhill.

Also, I prefer fall off the bone, especially babyback ribs and it appears that’s totes not MB’s style.

Sides, drinks, service and ambience were great. Meat was ok, but a friend told me I should go back on a regular day instead.


The signs point to a downward slide. The meat was a strong point. I made a reservation and asked for the beef Dino ribs to be made and the person who answered the phone told me they never served them. I have photo proof. :joy: Then she told me she would ask her manager and have that person get back to me, which I never received any sort of communication. So I cancelled my reservation and went to Park’s BBQ where I had an unbelievable meal. I never had a problem before. The previous staff told me I had to reserve the beef Dino ribs in advance, which I did one time. The first time it was offered as a special. It was seriously one of the best beef ribs I have ever eaten and easily the best bbq I have eaten in Los Angeles. It stole the show over their amazing prime rib, which was excellent. I probably won’t be back unless some people here vouch for the regained quality. And the coppa ribs (which were baby back) were fall off the bone ever time I have had them. The spare ribs did have a slight bite which I enjoy.


From my experience at MB, their ribs were never “fall off the bone” tender. I personally prefer their ribs because of this. However, I haven’t eaten their in a long time, so I can’t comment on any downhill issues.


Max City BBQ has ridiculously good spare ribs. Relatively cheap too.


I like Max City a lot but everytime I mention it, seems like a lot of bbq people don’t care for it. I get that they may have some consistency issues, but Horse Thief which gets a lot of love from bbq people have been consistently bad to me in every one of my visits. But I’ll gladly second your Max City suggestion.


For me, it’s because their beef offerings are just okay while their pork offerings are fantastic. Great sides too.


I can see that, still all the brisket I’ve had there has been better than Horse Thief. Max City’s wings are also pretty good.


@bulavinaka Thanks for your reply. I’d like to hold out on the possibility my holiday visit was not the norm.

I hope you have a chance to visit MB and please report back.


My impression - based on 1 visit in the last three months - is that things have deteriorated tremendously.
As our President likes to say, “Sad!”


Yikes! Well, it was good while it lasted.


I finally visited this place recently and was not impressed at all. Had the trifecta plate which was perfectly adequate but as someone who has tried bbq in texas, the south and even the midwest, to me this is sad that it’s considered one of the top bbq places in LA. The best bbq I’ve had thus far anywhere on the west coast is in phoenix of all places, (Little Miss BBQ) which imo rivals any bbq place in texas or the south surprisingly. I’m still hoping that someday LA will have something comparable since MBM and Bludsoe’s (besides their brisket) aren’t memorable destination worthy bbq if you’ve already had what many people consider the best bbq in bbq centric cities.