Maple Block Meat Co


Beef ribs at Bludso’s wins for me.


Finally got a chance to try out Maple Block (waiting to avoid the long wait times). Thanks @chrishei @A5KOBE and so many others for the rec! :smile:

Sliced Brisket:

Win! This is just fantastic Brisket. Nice smokiness (not overpowering), tender, juicy.

Pork Spare Ribs:

Thanks for this recommendation as well (to everyone who rec’d it! :). Pretty nice Pork Ribs, tender and meaty, but not too soft. Can’t remember Pork Ribs as non-dried out or not overly salty as these, LOL.

Their Braised Greens were thankfully not too salty, but a bit much on the acidic side, but it was a nice contrast to the fatty Que.

Their Mac & Cheese was so-so. Not bad, but it had this sweet aftertaste to it, and it wasn’t very cheesy (more creamy than cheesy). At least it tasted fresh and not like leftovers / dried out Mac & Cheese at many Que places around LA.

Anything else I should try out next time? TIA!


Prime rib is great
Turkey is moister than any bbq turkey I ever had


I was not too impressed with the turkey. While I agree it is very moist (and a tad salty) it is nothing special for me. I feel they should smoke it will straight applewood or something more bold to get a better flavor. Oddly, the white bbq kind of grew on me as I was eating it.


The white BBQ only comes with the turkey? Or can you try it with other stuff?

I love white BBQ sauce. So sad that the only place other than MBMC to have it seems to be Animal, who, of course, serves it with Turkey.

Is that the only function of WBBQS?


They offered it with the turkey but I bet they would just give it to you if you asked. IMHO the ribs and brisket don’t need any sauce.

Also, Lillie’s Q in Brea has white ALA sauce but I was severely underwhelmed by their Que.


Thanks @CiaoBob. Is the Smoked Prime Rib only available in a fixed portion? Or can you customize and get it as part of some 2 - 3 choice combination?

@A5KOBE yah I tried both the Brisket and the Ribs on my first time with no sauce. It was great as is.


On the menu it says 20 oz, or 40 oz portions.

So if you can eat 1/4th lb brisket, 1-2 ribs, and 20 oz of prime rib…solid combo eh?


Agreed. Their turkey didn’t have nearly enough smoke to it when I was there. Their ribs on the other hand are spectacular. Best BBQ ribs in LA by a very wide margin for me. I wish they did rib tips.


Haven’t tried the turkey, but completely agree on the ribs and the wish for rib tips.


[quote=“bulavinaka, post:91, topic:121”]
Haven’t tried the turkey
[/quote]It is worth a few bites but I would probably not order it as my whole meal and skip the ribs.


White barbecue sauce is an Alabama sauce. It is attributed to Big Bob Gibson.

Big Bob Gibson’s in Alabama dunks barbecued chicken in the sauce and serves it.


Rib tips? At a place like Maple Block that’s marketing itself as a high end BBQ place?

That’s kind of funny.


Why not? Brisket is the lowest end meat isn’t it?


You haven’t looked at meat prices lately, have you?

On top of that, brisket is a muscle; rib tips are trim.


Brisket surged in price because of places like Maple Block suddenly making it a “high end” meat haha

If they can do that, they could make rib tips a fancy cut as well.


$2.79/lb for Prime grade whole brisket at Costco ain’t bad…


Starts from fucking 20 oz and goes up to maybe 80 or 90. In 10 oz increments.

And that as you’ve guessed by now.

Ain’t no fucking joke.


To each their own. I think “high end” and “BBQ” is an oxymoron and a ridiculous thing to say.

While I love nicely smoked, butcher paper wrapped ribs or brisket by the pound, ala Lockhart, for my BBQ tastes, there is no better preparation than a good tips and links combo.


$2.79/lb and about 40% weight loss after cooking = real meat cost of $4.65.