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re: rib tips

isn’t this a simple answer? since they do their butchering in house, if the tips are still attached to the ribs they can’t sell rib tips?

(I don’t know this for sure but it seems logical…)


That’s certainly one reason why they may not. If they’re serving whole spare ribs, which it appears they are, there won’t be any rib tips. You have to trim whole spare ribs to St. Louis style ribs to get rib tips.


Out of curiosity, do you really believe that?


My last visit was similar. The ribs were overdone - creosote-like finish on a portion (beyond bark). And the brisket was good but a little dry. I’ve mentioned that I haven’t been able to get through on the phone now on the past couple of times that we tried to order a tray. They won’t miss our business but if their quality is slipping, we now have a viable alternative.


I’ve only been to the Compton location, as well. That’s too bad to hear about the downhill alert. :frowning: I had it about 1 yr ago, and it was great. Hopefully, they’ll be able to right the ship…


Yes. The pickles. They complete the brisket.


$17 for a 2 meat plate seems expensive considering the portion size. The brisket was not a big slice and pretty dry even though I asked for fatty. The piece towards the end was completely dried out as you can see from my picture. Good smoke ring but a little lacking in salt. Had to use some bbq sauce which I am loathe to do on brisket. I think I may have gotten some left over from they night before because other pictures of the brisket seen much more moist and juicy. Didn’t ask but pictures say a thousand words and my brisket says I’m dried out.

The pork rib was much better. But even then there was a big piece towards the bottom away from they bone which was dry and almost inedible. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on this.

Not very impressed. Would maybe come back off on the area but but wouldn’t seek this place out. Bludso is significantly better.


Agree that piece looks very, very dry compared to what I am used to at MBMC.
I would have asked for a replacement.


Wow @js76wisco. Agree with CiaoBob that I would’ve asked for a replacement. Looked nothing like the stuff I got when I went. Sorry to hear.


Comparing @Chowseeker1999 and @js76wisco pictures is like night and day. Sucks, it looks like they served you oxidized brisket. The sliced end was either old, pre sliced, or just sat out too long. Judging by the solidified fat in the middle, it was an old piece. And it looks like they gave you the short end of the ribs too.


Yes I should have probably returned the brisket but I was kind of in a rush and didn’t really notice it until I had taken a bite from the other end which was a little juicier.

Not a good first experience but lesson learned. I’m not usually the type of person who sends food back but in this scenario it seems like many of you think it would have been justified?


muy importante to us all: what time did you visit?


I arrived around 12:15. Place was mostly empty with 3-4 tables occupied and a few people doing take out. Noticed a bunch of meat on the chopping block so assumed it was hot out of the smokers.


Given the prices they charge, yes.


I’ve witnessed this, too, lol. It comes from a good place, but can be a little counterproductive.


[quote=“mhlee, post:124, topic:121, full:true”]Out of curiosity, do you really believe that?


Holy shit that looks awful… The only way I could see not sending that back was if you had no idea how it was supposed to be, and thus thought that was how they intended to serve it. But it still shows a sad lack of quality control.

However, re: your non-BBQ sauce on brisket stance, doesn’t Bludso’s always soak their brisket in BBQ sauce a la Texas style? Or do they only do that whenever I order it? (Talking about Compton location, I actually think maybe they don’t do that at the La Brea location now that I recollect…hmm).


No sauce-soak on Bludso’s brisket. I always order everything sauce on the side. The brisket and everything else comes unadorned.


At the Compton location? Or the La Brea one?

I swear every time I’ve ever been to the Compton location I get boxes full of tinfoil wrapped meats doused in sauce, no matter what meats I get. I had assumed (thought I read somewhere? Perhaps crazy though) that that was somehow related to Texas style of BBQ.


I’d return showing them these photos and ask if they’d be willing to comp you with the quality of meats that befit their reputation. Anyone who goes through this thread and sees your posted pics is likely to have a WTF moment as to why they’d charge the prices they do for leather like that.