Maple Block Meat Co


The Compton location. My experience has been that the OG BBQ joints around here sauce all meats as a rule. Just request sauce on the side and you’ll be good.


ive never had brisket served w sauce in the general vicinity of austin.


Fred’s is my favorite. Have to say that I’m not opposed to a fatty piece of brisket. If you ask for a fatty slice, you will absolutely get just that. However for overall quality of the cook and flavor, it’s the best I’ve had in the OC/LA area. Not that that says a whole lot, but it’s at least acceptable BBQ in my book. I’m really curious to see what you think of it.


You can definitely get some incredibly fatty brisket there.

I really need to see how his beef ribs are one of these weekends.


Have had Fred’s multiple times, and the brisket is hit and miss. It’s definitely not on par with Big Mista’s (with the new smokers) nor Robert Earl’s.

Better things at Smokey Fred’s have long been the smoky, barky rib tips, and the chili/chili mac.


I read that article some time ago. I didn’t agree with a lot of it because, if I recall correctly, it ignored the drought conditions last year that resulted in hundreds of thousands of heads of cattle to go to slaughter early, and the fact that the barbecue is steadily growing outside its core areas.

Supply and demand, not marketing, is driving prices up.


Served with sauce? Do you mean that sauce wasn’t available, or just that it wasn’t put on the meat before serving?


No barbecue place in Texas that I’ve eaten at sauces meat before serving. However, every place in Texas that I’ve been to, except for Smitty’s and Kreuz, offers sauce.


Out of curiosity, why do you say it’s “oxidized”? Oxidation is a specific chemical reaction.

That’s just dry brisket in my experience.


No Sauce at Kreuz in Lockhart


more than ANY OTHER PLACE IN LOCKHART/AUSTIN Kreuz so desperately needed sauce. garbage BBQ. Shit was gross and beat.


That’s what I wrote.

“However, every place in Texas that I’ve been to, except for Smitty’s and Kreuz, offers sauce.”


wasn’t put on the meat before serving.


doesn’t this just show to go you any place can serve up a subpar piece of meat now and again?

i’ve been to kreuz a few times and haven’t been served anything gross or beat. that said, i preferred other places.

bbq is tough (hey, a pun) to get consistent. perfection is for hashem. perhaps the pitmasters and pitmistresses
purposely serve some dry brisket, like those persian rugmakers who leave a few knots untied…


Fine: “Shit was gross and beat that day”.

I want to park 2 Chinese food trucks --no pork-- in front of TIOH on December 7. Will they be stoned? Or will they PROFIT?


oops…my bad about the “that day,” tony. point taken.

as to your other question, i believe is was maimonedes (or maybe jackie mason) who said, “whoever taketh thine chinese food truck around to the dwellings of the children of israel on 25 december will become a wealthy man.”

i can’t speak as to how the local jewish community celebrates pearl harbor day.


No that is definitely oxidized. When I left out slices of my own brisket, the color turns darker. Brisket color is not that color, thus oxidation. Leave cooked brisket out, guaranteed it will turn darker like the picture. Oxidation causes dryness.


Oxidation is the chemical reaction between oxygen and something that causes a chemical change. Oxidation, by definition, does not cause dryness. It may change the color or the flavor, but it does not cause dryness.

Dryness is thr lack of moisture or fat. The lack of moisture is caused by evaporation. Evaporation causes dryness.


Where did I say oxidation causes dryness?

The brisket is oxidized is it not? Are you saying oxidation is a good thing?


You wrote it above.