Maple Block - this is VERY hard to believe...but true


My Dad and stepmom have become real fans of MBMC.
They told me a story that is really quite hard to understand. They spied a guy working/managing at MBMC and about to trash a bunch of burnt ends of brisket. They inquired why MBMC was tossing the best part and were told, "We didn’t think anyone would care for this!"
And then they were promptly given a big helping of what my folks said was some of the best meat they have ever had!


LOL how long before they start selling it at $12/lbs?


shows what these fucking west coast hipsters know about bbq doesn’t it…good on the old folks!


They had no idea? Amazing. “It’s like discovering Plutonium… BY ACCIDENT”

Truer words were never spoken.


Even worse is that they didn’t save it for themselves. Or even my dogs would enjoy some burnt ends mixed in their kibble.


I always grabbed some of the fucking burnt ends.


Yeah that leads to other burnt ends tho for my pack.


Ya got me


you WISH they only sold it for $12/lb.


hahahahahahaha, shit cracked me up

Good one


I believe it. I was there when they first opened and asked for two ribs, one of the carvers took out a foil wrapped package from a heating drawer and took a look in and then scowled and appeared to throw it away!! I’m like geez… no wonder these prices…



It’s not that hard to believe, IMHO.

Maple Block doesn’t cut the point consistently, and a lot of LA folk don’t want the point because it’s too fatty. I saw chunks of point left afterwards when I went.

The guy who was cutting when I went didn’t seem to know what to do with the small piece of the point that was left when I asked for outside bark. He just cut the outside part of the point. So, for people who know to ask for the point/moist, it’s a big win.


good thing for maple mr taster isn’t here


Free food! This concept will make fans out of most sane people. (And a few insane ones as well.)


Which is consistent w/ Jimmy Kimmel’s assertion that most westsiders are more afraid of gluten than they are of the measles… ::sigh::


Strike ‘the measles’ and insert ‘vaccinating their kids’. (But strangely, both phrases work.)


Skinny kids w/ the measles… The next public-health crisis… ::snort:: and :frowning:

To get this back on thread… Planning to go to Maple Block next Monday. Do they tend to run out of stuff later in the evening (saw, 8:30PM)?


I was there last Wednesday past 7pm and they were out of nothing and the place was packed…


Thanks. I’m a little worried about the wait, but I can’t make it during an off hour, and my friend and I want some BBQ! :wink:


I might hit it up for a very early fucking lunch today.