March 2019 Weekend Rundown


Okay, the 10 to the 5 to the 605. 26 miles. Is there anything else in Bellflower? A museum or gardens or something?


You’re talking to a guy who once drove… what was it @PorkyBelly? 126 miles for one meal?


That specific part of Bellflower…not a whole lot except for Taco Nazo nearby…which has my favorite fish and shrimp tacos in that area.
If you’re willing to go about 10 minutes more, you can get to the Artesia location of Garlic & Chives where you can get some solid Vietnamese food. Also in that area, Little India and a plethora of Filipino food offerings.
For more amusement purposes, there’s a Discovery Space Museum in Downey about 10 minutes northwest of Bellflower.




That’s real #OG #WeSaluteYou


Headed down the chicane :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Headed down the chicane :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Headed down the chicane :stuck_out_tongue:



Where did you go?

I once made a reservation for Manresa, 351 miles away, right after I finished watching The Mind of a Chef featuring David Kinch. :sweat_smile:


Think I went overboard…


Looks reasonable to me…would be real reasonable for my husband who ordered 5 quesadillas and 6 tacos the other night…the 2 mulitas were my idea.


I’m not seeing the problem


I just had the best side order of tater tots for breakfast.


Where’s the entree?


Hi @Sgee,

Congrats! :slight_smile: And that picture is just the Appetizer for @PorkyBelly or @J_L. :wink: Keep practicing to level up to FTC JLPB Status. :smile:


Did I enter a cave? Man it’s dark here.


Let me know what you order. I’m going tomorrow night.


Beignet, eclair, rice, bread, quadrettini, duck…so far


per se


Bar menu?


Whoa never saw that rice dish before.