Massive Burrito


A classic Mission burrito has a lot of rice and beans, the tortilla is steamed, and they’re not served “wet.” When El Faro invented them in 1961, they had to use two of the six-inch tortillas that were the biggest then available, but these days you can find burritos twice that size, or more.


Yep. I started eating them in '76 and still do.


Weird, do you have any idea why they named some of their burritos the “Hollenbeck”? Happens to be my last name


It’s named after the Hollenbeck Police Dept


Thanks, I did not know there was a Hollenbeck Police Department. Now I’m wondering why one would name a burrito after a police department.


It’s a hat-tip to the boys in blue who both patronize the place, as well as provide protection.


Lucky boy in Pasadena if a breakfast burrito is acceptable.


Hollenbeck division of the LAPD. Station is on 1st. They serve that area.


Mine as well drop by Al and Beas for a bang bang


I have done this with Tepayac, Al and Beas, and Lupe’s #2. I’m not sure I can recommend anyone ever doing that. I feel like El Tepayac is a bang x 3 on its own.


We went to el tepeyac, that is where he had to go.