May 2017 Weekend Rundown


I want to put that in between two slices of cheese toast with a side of Lipitor


Hi LAgirl -

It’s the color (can be off-putting). It doesn’t have that yellow-tinged, chicken-y fat look Americans grew up with. But the ginseng and the starchy rice w/sweet potato in the hen is nice and silky and thickens the broth. You just have to really salt it. I love soup, but most don’t realize how much salt goes into making soup tasty. Without salt - no matter what aromatics and meats you put in - soup tastes like dishwater.

If you’re not a big eater you may want to take it home and make two meals out of it.

@secretasianman can probably describe samgyetang better than me.

Try it :slight_smile:.




Speaking of Korean - Jun Won re-opened at a new location on Western. Has anyone been?


That would be some damn deliciously rich pie crust. :heart_eyes: Please post the results if you do decide to make it.


I ate squid balls and had a boba Vietnamese coffee at UCSD today. These kids eat good nowadays.


I ate squid balls

You and your 'nads… :wink:


For a day spa treatment followed by a cleansing and comforting bowl of samgyetang, go to Natrua Sap.


Yes and it is wonderful! The food and service is great.

I love the black cod dish at Jun Won!
The texture and feel is like fish cheeks and the taste is sweet and buttery, and the slightly spicy sauce balances it all out.


The thing to get there is the milmyun. Maybe not today, or even tomorrow, is the perfect weather for a bowl of cold, savory, spicy and a slightly (just slightly) sweet bowl of noodles, but in a month or so, you’ll be craving it in your dreams.


Oh nice.[quote=“ipsedixit, post:28, topic:5642”]
For a day spa treatment followed by a cleansing and comforting bowl of samgyetang, go to Natrua Sap
[/quote]In the former I. Magnin building. We’ve been going there while Hankook Spa is being renovated. Good scrub. I think we’ve only had the pan-fried mandu (mandoo).

P.S. There is a hysterically scathing review on Yelp about Natura. It’s all about the bad habits of “white women” and how the staff ignores it. I have to admit Hankook wouldn’t allow anyone to break the shower rule. But this Yelper was vicious! :grimacing: Unfortunately, she didn’t comment about the restaurant, so I didn’t post it on @PorkyBelly’s Best of Yelp thread, but I was so tempted.

…check it out :grin:.


[quote=“JeetKuneBao, post:29, topic:5642”]
Jun Won!
[/quote]You never know when a restaurant owner says they’ll open back up. But I had a feeling they weren’t gone for good. This is great!



not really, though i’d point out that the bird fits inside the bowl which is not all that large - think more cornish hen than a single 4-5 lb bird per serving.

when i comes to balance, i subscribe to the joe beef “big mac theory of taste equilibrium” the big mac convinces you to believe that it’s nutritious prompting you to take another bite of it by achieving an appropriate balance of: sugar salt fat acid & bite. a lot of korean soups are under-salted, went to a place last month that specialized in a busan (second largest city in korea after seoul) pork soup that included salted shrimp as a garnish. a lot of other patrons also added kimchi to their soup. i’ve seen the same thing with (can’t remember the korean name) beef soup/broth.

maybe it’s not such a bad idea; this way each patron can flavor dishes to their subjective tastes. but the typical non-korean patron probably expects korean cuisine to be served already (for want of a better description) over the top flavor-wise, kinda like how some folks didn’t get ricker’s rendition of thai not realizing that it was up to them to season the dish to their own particular taste. it’s the same thing with hainan chicken - you can’t find two singaporeans who will agree on how much of each sauce one should add, etc. but that’s not necessarily a bad thing; seems to me that a lot of asian comfort foods require seasoning to taste - but that’s what makes it memorable.


I order delivery from Mayura from time to time, vegan/vegetarian. I love to take leftover appam and brown and crisp them like pancakes, add maple syrup and eat as dessert. Very yummy.


Homemade Shrimp Ramen, Five Guys and Stan’s Peanut Butter Banana Donut!


Well now you have to try samgyetang @LAgirl :smile: - just to get us to shut up. That was good @secretasianman! Thanks.


sure. since i’m now fully engaged, the korean (busan) place is Jinsol Gukbap

the pork soup

with various things already included including the salted shrimp

and kimchi from the banchan

as for Buil Samgye Tang, the banchan included a pile of salt for each person

with a pic of the soup

and as you eat more of the meat, the rice within melds with the soup to become a porridge-like consistency at the bottom. we had this for lunch on a rainy day in february and it was an effective palliative.


I almost edited to mention the porridge-effect. Great!


porridge is a great example of flavoring to individual tastes; grits tend to get treated with butter/salt, while oatmeal tends to be sweetened. asian cuisines tend towards the savory when it comes to flavoring porridge though. but within my family we season rice porridge quite differently. i favor soy, sesame oil green onions maybe some white pepper while my sister prefers pickled vegetables for which i have absolutely no affinity. it is what it is.