May 2017 Weekend Rundown


Cool! Wish I could have met one of my favorite FTCers. :grin:


We celebrated mom at Torihei in Torrance. I just returned from Japan earlier this week, but I was more than happy to have another round of yakitori and small bites

We started with mixed pickles

Their chicken meatballs are nice and moist

Bacon wrapped okra and chicken thigh with green onion (neither of which I tried)

Chinese style seaweed salad. Nice and slimey :kissing_cat:

Smelt and a mystery pork skewer no one remembered ordering

Whole squid

Odens: turnip cake (would not order this one again) and mochikin

Shiitake skewer (pretty dry)

Rice in oden broth with my selected topping (plum) and pickles

Shrimp tempura roll

Not pictured was one of our favorite dishes of the evening - fried mackerel in broth

Total bill with 3 drinks (1 beer & 2 sodas) was a little under $90.


Hey @J_L - the beef roll at 101 Noodle Express in the Fox Hills Mall is indeed awesome. You were right. You’re always right.

Thanks for the tip, pal.

The Beef Roll from 101 Noodle Express at Westfield Culver City

[quote=“President_Mochi, post:83, topic:5642”]
You’re always right.
[/quote]I know. But my question is how does he find all this stuff out?


Had a nice meal at LSXO followed by Bear Flag Poke and Mahogany Smoked Meats pepper jerky.

I was a bit dubious of LSXO after an average tasting meal at Little Sister DTLA. But this meal was fantastic.

Got the papaya salad, excellent and hits every note.

Dac Biet SGV, this was good but nothing extraordinary. Bread was excellent.

Lamb sauté noodles were damn tasty. Put some of their house made chili sauce and POW! Lamb was super tender, pickled chilies sweet and tangy, coconut milk with a soothing milky sweetness and the spice mixture complex.

And maybe my favorite dish, the scallop and shrimp “chao” with Chinese donuts. This dish had such great flavor that was clean yet potent. The Chinese donut made for a nice crunch and the scallops and shrimps tender.

Drinks were great too, don’t remember the names.

Then Bear Flag because why not have excellent poke after. They changed the chips (or maybe just this location) which are less hard than the Newport Beach location.

And some pepper beef jerky from Mahogany Smoked Meats because I don’t want to drive to Bishop for excellent beef jerky.

Huntington Beach bang^nth game getting stronger.

Also had some Little Jewel. Fuckin can’t not order this french fry poboy, so fuckin great. And a shrimp poboy, always great.


Cupids Hot Dogs


dear sir or madam:
im interested in where you like to get your beef jerky in bishop, please.

many thanks.

fan o mules


mahogany Smoked Meats website:


Since I was in OC for Mother’s Day, stopped at The Loop in Westminster for dessert.


That’s the “F- my A1C, Doc!” snack.


Ha, it was fun to get as a novelty but their churros are only OK; Disney’s are much better. However, since I live in Pasadena, it’s hard find a churro that compares to Amara’s.


@A5KOBE Is that beef jerky of the variety where it’s reminiscent of dried out leather where you have to chew on it for ages before you get satisfaction? My friend has a thing for that kind of beef jerky. It reminds her of the jerky her dad would get a truck stops when she was little. She’s tried to find this jerky that reminds her of her childhood and hasn’t had any luck…and yes, she’s tried random truck stops and the beef jerky places along the 15 on the way to Vegas.


ive never understood why someone wouldnt want jerky thats dried out and chewy.
isnt that what jerky is?
moist and tender jerky seems like a contradiction in terms to me.


I think it’s a similar trajectory as bagels. What’s supposed to be has fallen out of favor for what’s preferred.


So was this for your kids, or was this for you? Because if it was for you, you’re my idol - and talk to my wife. :blush:


Not all jerky is dry. Travel to Asia and you’ll see (& taste!)… The jerky there is moist, yet retain chewiness - Absolutely delicious stuff. Asian jerky is a cottage industry unto itself, with competing brands and chains, much like how chocolatiers do business in Belgium. Asian jerky is worth the potential hassle to smuggle back into the U.S. (not that I know anyone who’d actually break the law)… This blog entry has some nice photos of the goods…


in my experience, asian jerky is never as dry as their american counterparts.


Hi @J_L,

Wow that looks so good! :slight_smile: But if I may ask, isn’t cooked food legal to bring back when traveling abroad? Just wondering.


Yes, the pepper flavor and some others are very dried out and chewy. They do however, have some soft varieties such as teriyaki which I found too sweet.


No need.

You get that kind of jerky at Fragrant in Rosemead.