May 2017 Weekend Rundown


I really like the beef on weck but you really have to like horseradish. The rest I could take or leave.


Thanks @Chowseeker1999, the QPR on my visit seemed OK, about average for the area. But that can quickly go downhill once you start adding in the $46 pot au feu and $75 lobster to the equation.


The laksa was good with the small bits of shrimp and mussels but quickly turned into a one-note creamy seafood curry… without the seafood.


[quote=“PorkyBelly, post:122, topic:5642”]
But that can quickly go downhill once you start adding the $46 pot au feu
[/quote]Which we did. Yikes. We went last September (your rec :wink:). I don’t remember it being unreasonably pricey. But we probably didn’t notice, because we used restraint for once and shared 2 dishes.


It’s actually good, I swear! I’m not a fan of many of the poke chains popping up, but this one is well-marinated and not too salty or bland. :slightly_smiling_face:




Found a clip of Ns1 and Shake Shack


Definitely the best thing at Shake Shack!


Dinah’s. So classic.

Chicken fried steak with poached eggs; corned beef hash with eggs up; and a side salad in place of potatoes/toast.

Dinah’s makes the best chicken fried steak in L.A. And they cook eggs perfectly. Though you do have to request soft poached egg.

I think they are way better than Panns Coffee Shop.

Dinah’s Family Restaurant
3361 Sepulveda Blvd., L.A.


Nice, thanks for the report. :slight_smile: We’ve driven past it a bunch of times, and heard about it… just never stopped in.

How’s their fried chicken compared to Pann’s?


Them’s fighting words. At least before Pann’s changed to their new hours and lost some of their staff.

Not good at all, don’t even waste your time, calories or words for the write up


I say @Chowseeker1999 should try both, and let us know. I trust those tastebuds, Also, @TheCookie should do the same, because she’s a fried chicken lover more than anyone here.


Good to know Dinah’s still does some things right. I gave up on Dinah’s after one too many bad meals. Maybe I should give them another chance as I’m staying close by, but Pann’s is my first choice for local diner food (and I think I’d prefer to give The Serving Spoon a try before going back to Dinah’s).


Top Round

[quote=“aaqjr, post:121, topic:5642”]
I really like the beef on weck
[/quote]That’s the one my husband gets too.


Thanks for the tip. I end up there once a month and the fried chicken does nothing for me.


I don’t like fried chicken, but occasionally… I really, really like a nice chicken fried steak.

@chinchi yeah,p, they were pretty awful for a while. It’s kind of cyclical, they’ve been there so long.


I love both, but honestly I’ve tried to like the fried chicken but prefer the Hungry Man dinner :scream:


Are you a baby boomer? :wink:


Oh yes. In many ways Serving Spoon is better than Panns.



Stay the f-in’ hell away from their salmon cakes. I will never return based on what they served me.