May 2018 Weekend Rundown


If April showers bring May flowers, what then do May showers bring?


Wet Pilgrims?


Urinal cakes?

Behind Bavel or Sqirl?


It kind of defines Squirrelgirl perfectly.




For heavy rotation: Chef Brandon Go’s exquisite, consistently outstanding bento box at Hayato Nihonryori


That looks awesome- how much?


$50 per box.


How big is the box? Looks huge…and gorgeous. We go to his family’s sushi restaurant in Seal Beach.


Definitely generous. Standard-sized chopsticks placed on top of the box for relative size comparison…


Thanks! I was so impressed with the box, I neglected to pay attention to it’s surroundings.


Had Il Pesce and Holbox back to back, and the latter crushed it.

Il Pesce Cucina

Had a geoduck crudo, nice and simple, refreshing but sort of boring. Best dish I had.

Ramp Agnolotti , good but not exciting and the ramp flavor was sort of lost.

Insalata di mare, yawn. Decent seafood but not the best quality.


Scallop taco :heart_eyes: add that dark smokey salsa and POW :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Coctel mixto :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Blood clams were great adding the different salsas to them.


those holbox pix…O_O


I bought two of these, meaning to give one to my neighbor, but I ate both so very quickly that I’m happy no one was there to see.


I like the pastries/desserts in the refrigerated case. If I’m ordering for four, I order for six, cuz six turns into four between there and home. You know the drill.


Someone brought over some Canto classics from Fortune Gourmet…

Don’t you hate it when you run out of scallion oil?


Cluck2Go Rowland Heights (sign still says Man Chan)

A new Hainan Chicken Rice specialist with other locations in Pasadena and Hacienda Heights.

Parking sucks at this Rowland locations FYI.

Got the #9, Dark Meat

Chicken: Moist and flavorful, delivered fresh daily from a nearby farm.

Rice: Not too fragrant, kinda bland, no hint of chicken flavor at all.

Sauce: Sweeten soy is at table side. The ginger and chile sauces are very good here. Probably my favorite so far.

Was considering going to Cocoin for a HCR Bang Bang but decided against it.

Count me in as a fan of Cluck2Go. Pretty damn solid, if the rice was better it would be damn perfect.

I kinda wanna combine the sauces from Thai and Viet style HCR with Singapore.


Did you have Man Chan before?


Nope but I heard the HCR was not too good. Have you had Cluck2Go?


I had Man Chan and it was not very good. Never had Cluck. Just looks similar to what Man Chan offered before.