May 2018 Weekend Rundown


When you buy “sausage” it comes with sausage + sliced garlic. When you buy “sausage + garlic” it comes with a minced garlic sauce thing.



Mixture of rice wine, white vinegar, salt and sugar.

Unless your talking about the spicy sauce? Then dunno. Sorry.


Leek pie and radish cakes at Little Fatty.

Radish cake always tastes so familiar to me. A childhood memory, almost ancestral, but I’m not Chinese. Even the texture is familiar. I wonder if they make similar cakes in Central Europe.


Oh, that looks so good. Too bad it is such a schlep for me.


Sampa’s Pizza in Lomita.

Calabresa (fresh tomato sauce, linguiça, onions, mozzarella, kalamata olives).

São Paulo (fresh tomato sauce, chicken, corn, Brazilian Catupiry cheese, mozzarella, oregano).

I’ve never had Brazilian pizza before, but I thought these were pretty good. The crust was thin and chewy and the toppings were tasty. They have a pizza with hearts of palm that I want to try next time.


Kean Coffee, Newport Beach

Portola is great and all…

Go to Kean Coffee and get the Ethiopian Ardi via Pour Over!! Ask the barista if you can take a scent of the grounds. Mind blown!!! Blueberries!!

This might be the best damn coffee I ever had.

They were cool as hell and quickly explained that this Ethiopian Coffee was naturally processed which imparts aroma and flavor. Little bit of knowledge!! I now seek out Ethiopian Coffee but the Ardi at Kean is still the best.

Of course naturally I had to hit up Sidecar for a butter and salt but also gave the eggs Benedict a try. I knew it was going to be good but I still prefer the classics.

The most natural place to go after some coffee and donuts is chilling at the Newport Pier!!!

FYI If you get to the Newport Pier early you can get some good fresh seafood. My grandma would come here to get a fish for her fish head/fish soup

Who wants me to review of some fresh urchin?


Was in Toronto for the past 3 months working on a film… and was craving sichuan badly… all the “sichuan” places i tried inn toronto proper were crap.

Drove to Chengdu Taste to get my fix of Kung Pao, Eggplant, and green beans.

This is absolutely my favorite restaurant… nothing comes close I was in heaven once again.


Nice - it’s a wrap!


Brent’s Westlake. My first time here. The food was very good but I love the vibe of the Northridge location much more…


I prefer Langer’s Westlake (the real Westlake). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Brent’s Black Pastrami Reuben=Kobe

Nothing wrong being second


Chicken 65 and garlic naan at Mandovi Restaurant in El Segundo. We usually just get a double order of the chicken (spice level 10) and a bunch of garlic naan, although their other dishes are very good as well.




my filipino friends go there specifically for the ube shake and always rave about it.

If I had a shake my middle age self wouldn’t be able to also eat a burger and have a beer----so I usually stick to the burger n beer combo. (my teenage self would have done a double burger, shake and an order of fries and possibly onion rings too for good measure).


Connie and Ted’s - Sergio was in da house tonight

Naked Cowboys :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: wit dat horseradish sauce


Lobster roll :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: fuckin perfectly cooked lobster as usual. And dem fries we’re damn good, but I still think Blue Gold in Huntington Beach are my favorite.

Key lime pie…meh


Chef Cimarusti is still wicked talented.


Totally agree, the level of detail and thoughtfulness is well apparent to me, even for this casual setting.

That lobster roll is pretty much perfection. The bun was crunchy yet soft without being greasy, and the lobster cooked and sliced and seasoned so each bite was consistently great. One could take a bite, all the while each piece of lobster staying in place, shove a handful or three of fries down your gullet, take a healthy (cuz green) swig of your beverage, and then proceed right where you left off with the lobster roll.


Gjusta pastram Reuben was quite tasty for lunch yesterday


FURAIBO (Sawtelle)
I love that hanpen cheese. Made me want to take spicy mustard to McD’s and order a fish fillet.

HOME STATE (Silverlake)
First time here. Exceeded expectations. I thought it’d be a bit too cool for school, but turns out, it’s just the right amount of cool for school. The tortillas held with a bit of char but were still soft and a bit chewy. Favorite was probably the brisket with green salsa. The other bites I had were all good too: chorizo breakfast; egg white/mushroom/cheese; bean/cheese; potato; queso & chips. Looking forward to having 'em on the westside.


OMG!! I had no idea they were opening up in PV! Their Frito Pie is one of my favorite things ever! And their Tortillas are worth taking home. :)))