May 2018 Weekend Rundown


Leek pie, fried rice with dried fish, mapo tofu, braised cod in seasonal vegetables, XO rice noodles, Sichuan eggplant with garlic, and spicy lamb noodles, accompanied by Taiwanese sarsaparilla soda… This was a superbly executed feast by Chefs David Kuo and Nathan Thai at Little Fatty (Mar Vista). Every, and I mean EVERY dish tasted wonderfully. Even the leftovers from this are still delicious. The cooking at this place is rockin’ right now.


Great report.
I had those terrific spicy lamb noodles last week.

Is this one the XO Rice noodles? Something (the thick “structures,” that look a bit like clock hands pointing to 3:25) looks deep fried - what is it?


So true! I’v been very happy with the food there lately.


Yes XO rice noodles. WRG to the noodles, it’s rice-based pasta from the dim sum dish tsang fen. Kinda mochi-like in consistency. Ultimate carbalicious factor.


I crave it at least twice a year

The beautiful Panda Express Orange Chicken!!!


You keep it real, brother. Respect.


In Monterey this weekend for my son’s graduation and had suprisingly good deep dish pizza at Heirloom Pizza !![(upload://1nzO6moLO41IIOaXvc6zVqeXgbB.jpg)



Congratulations to the boy and to you!


$12 bulgogi lunch set special at Parks BBQ… one of the best QPR meals in LA


jesus christ, I go to food trucks sometimes and drop $15 for a brown bagged sandwich.


I keep forgetting about Parks lunch specials. Koreatown is hands down the best neighborhood for QPR, f it Koreatown is my fav neighborhood to eat in LA proper.


I had no idea Parks had lunch specials. Is there just one special (granted, bulgogi is fine w/ banchan)? Only M-F?


they have a different meat everyday, sometimes is galbi sometimes bulgogi , its good no matter what…and yes Monday -Friday and they stop at 3pm.


@skramzlife I tried the bulgogi lunch a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. Was wondering how they prepare the galbi lunch? Is it stewed like the bulgogi in your pic or do they grill it?


From LQ Foodings’ seafood popup earlier this month. Unbelievable amount of food — I ate so much I barely had room for the famed cheese cart at the end.


Another late post — Bernhard Mairinger’s guest chef dinner at Wilshire in Santa Monica on May 11th. The first 5 pics were dishes by Chef BM and all on point — he came to each table and hand carved the uber-delicious crispy pork belly and self serve bowls for each table were filled with spatzle, gravy, and fresh veggie garnishes and pickles. (Other courses included a duo of raw oysters; hamachi crudo; Austrian sausages, asparagus veloute; and strawberry gazpacho).

The pics on bottom (dinner rolls and a modern version of Eton Mess dessert) were a contribution by Wilshire’s exec. chef, Brendan Collins.

Quite an epic meal for $65. I only went to his now-shuttered Bierbeisel Imbiss a few times for casual eats so this was quite a treat and a glimpse into his fine dining background.

With all the boisterous and seemingly endless fuss over LA newcomers like David Chang/Majordomo and APL, I find it truly sad this talented chef doesn’t currently have a brick-and-mortar in LA.

I overheard him say his former BierBeisl Imbiss DTLA customers hire him for private events and catering. I don’t have that luxury so I’m gonna hope for another popup or that he eventually opens a new place.
Chef Bernhard Mairinger’s website


Hehehe pretty much every one of his customers says that when dining with Chef Laurent.


the galbi is grilled! I think i prefer it over the bulgogi stewed.


@skramzlife Thanks for the 411! Gonna have to try that at Parks for lunch and then compare it to the galbi/namyeong combo at YuChun next month.


Chef Laurent puts so much heart and soul into his dinners — he’s such a treasure!