May 2018 Weekend Rundown


Agree. Chef Laurent Quenioux, Chef Christophe Eme and Chef Ludo Lefebvre (Bastide & L’Orangerie days, and hopefully Petit Trois Valley soon) are the haute French gastronomic masters of L.A.


Pastrami Reuben from canters and a Mac 12 dram nightcap


fatty fatty - boozy boozy - fun night!


Bacon cheddar biscuits with spicy sausage gravy at Crema in Monterey.

The biscuits were a little dense, but I would drink GALLONS of that gravy.

Breaded and grilled local sand dabs at Cafe Fina in Monterey.

Cafe Fina is a little dated and touristy since it’s right on the wharf, but this dish was tasty and I like that they work with Monterey Bay Aquarium and serve sustainably caught seafood. It’s our usual lunch spot after going whale watching up there.


Lazy Friday afternoon snack for me and the boy. I know melons are not quite in season, but it’s okay, they are wrapped in delicious porkiness.


Drove out to Sherman Oaks to try Malawach, fried savory pastry/pancake at Toast Cafe. First time to try this Israeli Yemenite breakfast dish and it was alright for a baseline at $13.

The light green drink was just my thing — a frozen mint lemonade slushy concoction called “Limonana” $5.

In the coming months I’ll be trying more versions of Malawach and leading up to the $$$ upscaled ones at Kismet and Bavel.


Thanks for the report on this version at Toast. Definitely give the one at Kismet a try, it’s my favorite right now. :slight_smile:


Smashed a tagliatelle bolognese at pasta sister Culver City last night w a glass of Chianti.

First time to the new space, it’s quite lovely and fun.

Bread great as always.


Awesome. I did the original Pasta Sisters (Pico-Arlington). Food-wise, the taste at the original location is still just a tad better than the newer Culver City location.



Sayori sashimi, very nice quality product, the technique could be better and it was slightly chewy

Shrimp tempura and renkon, nice

Scallop :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: wow, perfection with a little dab in the plain salt


Ground shrimp shiso and chicken shiso :heart_eyes: both we’re very good, love the subtle clean flavors of both

Uni, shiso and nori :nauseated_face:

Zucchini stuffed with eel :heart_eyes: the first piece I scalded the roof of my mouth, but it was worth it. This is really nice, again sweet zucchini and a clean eel flavor.


Great report @A5KOBE !

Were you at their chef’s counter?


Yeah, chefs counter.


How funny; we just did the exact same thing last weekend for a party! We were surprised at how sweet the melons were (which I think we got from our local Ralphs).


The boy: Me and my fiends are going to the mall to get something to eat.
Me: No you are not! Tell them theyre coming over for brats and watermelon, then you all go to the mall.

Happy Memorial Day! :us:


Papaya, watermelon, pineapple with Tanjin and lime. The Rancho Park fruit guy is great.




What? Never has one person mentioned - let alone given a shout out to - a chicken salad sandwich at Oinkster! As a person who growing up thought lunch meant a chicken salad sandwich, I must try this.


Apparently, @PorkyBelly, purple isn’t a fruit… it’s a yam.


Can I get a whoop whoop?


I used to really like the Oinkster’s Chicken Salad Sandwich (though, TBH, I pretty much went for the fries and house aioli).