Mee & Greet


Agree - that was kind of weird


But to their credit, hipster sauce was in its own container off to the side, so totally optional.


Yep it is. But I am just such a lover of the sauce component of chicken rice that all 3 sauces need to be great. I couldn’t even discern a taste from that orange one. The rice and soup were excellent though, and the chicken was just perfectly poached.


I went for lunch yesterday. It’s about two blocks from my house. It’s a lovely addition to the neighborhood. I had the garlic noodles and the fried tofu. Both were fresh tasting and delicious. The prices seem high to me.

By contrast, I was excited when Kogi Taqueria opened, but I’m disappointed. The food there is so heavy that I can’t see eating it often. All the dishes I’ve tried have pretty much the same flavor profile. I find it irritating that they don’t pack to go food and make it difficult to pack it yourself. The tacos are wet and on flat plates. There is no flat surface next to the to go supplies (aluminum foil, plastic bags) which makes it difficult to wrap your food.


Hey, leave that microaggression at home! :wink:


Is that the Goi Ga salad? If so, I agree. Great texture on the noodles.


yep that’s the one. Really liked that dish.


Had the Hainan Chicken for lunch today and really enjoyed it. And . . . I kinda didn’t hate the emulsified chili sauce ducks quickly. It’s not great, but I don’t think it’s bad. I actually don’t think there is any cream in it. Rather, it just tastes like they took a short cut and blended the living shit out of a chili condiment, leading to an emulsification that looks creamy. Anyways, the other sauces were better and pretty solid, though I’m no expert. I will say I’ll be back for this dish and the rest of the menu. Add in the fact that I can have hipster beer with this food . . . I think I’m in love.

Anyways, holy flaming shitballs is the service awful. My waitress was nice but just had no training whatsoever. I’m sure the staff will improve over time, but I was feeling the opening week vibes strongly.


i agree to the consensus - Hainan Chicken was awesome. best i’ve had in LA (though i haven’t gone out of my way to try every notable ones in east LA so far). chicken was correctly cooked; pink with skin on. great beer selection too. if anyone complains about the price i’m gonna call racist bs. ok maybe i won’t, but i think it wouldn’t be fair. this one should be a keeper.


Why would you call racist bs? I ate at Mee and Greet. I thought the food was delicious. I also noted that the prices were higher than comparable restaurants (strip mall, not fine dining). I don’t think that commenting on the prices makes me a racist. I think it would be counterproductive to recommend Mee and Greet (which I have repeatedly) and not mention that the prices are high relative to similar restaurants, but that the quality justifies the prices.

The pho at Phorage which is a couple blocks away and also in a strip mall is less expensive. The fries at Kogi Taqueria which is in the same strip mall as Mee and Greet are less expensive.


Not sure why its racist to discuss price.
I had DELICIOUS garlic noodles ($11), EXCELLENT tumeric chicken wings ($10) and a MEH vietnamese coffee ($5). Portion size was fine…not abundant or small. Service was OK, but a little iffy as described.
With tax and tip it was over $30 for one person with about 1/3 of the noodles left for lunch today.
I think comparing to the prices at Little Fatty is a more apples to apples than PhoRage, which I don’t find to be of the same quality.
I think the price at both Mee and Fatty is 10-15% higher than I’d think…I guess that’s how really good hipster food works these days.
The food was great at both and despite the price I’ll be back.


I think it’s racist when people say that Indian food/Mexican/Chinese food should be cheap. I think that in the case of Mee and Greet, it’s fair to say the prices are higher than the same dishes at nearby restaurants with a similar ambiance.

I was comparing the same dish at Phorage and Kogi Taqueria (neither of which I think is as tasty as Mee and Greet) which to me is more apples to apples than a comparison to a Little Fatty which doesn’t have the same dishes as Mee and Greet and has a full bar which tends to drive up menu prices.

For the record, I’ve eaten at Mee and Greet once and thought it was delicious. I’ve eaten at Phorage and thought it was okay. I would prefer that they be more liberal with the fish sauce. I’ve eaten at Kogi twice and thought it was meh. I’ve eaten at Little Fatty twice and thought it was horrible.


Are you my wife? :wink: Apparently, you are not the only one with that view.


I have been enjoying Mee and Greet until my last meal when they dumped way too much raw garlic on everything (I did not even get the garlic noodles).
The bean sprout salad was covered in raw garlic and the garlic chips overwhelmed the Hainan Chx/Rice.


Oh damn. That honeymoon didn’t last very long.


Maybe chef was off and Keith Gilabert was working there that night.


Then the stars were truly aligned against you in the worst way.


If anyone happens to be in Philly check out Sate Kampar for some legit M’sian food. Frequently offers peranakan specials.


Ugh I wanted to go to Sate Kampar but they were closed the time I was in Philly.


Stopped by Mee & Greet the other day, and the goi ga salad and turmeric fried chicken were as good as I remembered. Service was also improved.

It occurs to me this place is a bit like Little Fatty where authenticity is almost beside the point. Both are doing a kind of hipster take on ethnic food, and as long as it tastes good, I’m not going to complain.