Mee & Greet


Both are, indeed, authentically hipster


Just had lunch at M+G today. Chose the garlic noodles and the turmeric wings.
Both were very good!
Happy to say that it looks like @CiaoBob’s experience might have been a fluke.
Service was . . . better, but still a little odd.


I had the goi ga salad. I liked dipping the chicken into sriracha. The garlic noodles and the burger are my favorites on the menu


This place interests me. Hopefully I’ll be able to check it out sometime soon…


Awesome. Those are both next on my list to try.


Holy Hainan chicken - it’s loud as laksa in here… Waitress was standing right next to me and we still couldn’t hear her.


hainan chicken rice - poached organic chicken, fragrant jasmine rice, cucumber, crushed garlic crisps, cilantro, house-made ginger-garlic chili sauce, chicken bone broth
Legit and fucking delicious. Perfectly poached dark meat chicken with a nice pinkish hue. It came with the skin and i loved the little bits of cartilage they left in there. The rice with the fried garlic was excellent and i enjoyed all three sauces, the sweet soy was my favorite. @Chowseeker1999, @TheCookie, @Bookwich, @JeetKuneBao and @paranoidgarliclover check this out.

turmeric fried chicken - crispy chicken wings, ground turmeric, rempah spices, butter, parsley
Crispy, pretty good.

mad for garlic - egg noodle, garlic butter, mad sauce, parmigiano reggiano, crushed garlic crisps, parsley
This was a little drier and less buttery than mama an’s, but still really good.

The place was at full capacity with several parties waiting outside just after opening for lunch on Sunday. I’ll be back to try the nasi goreng, bo luc lac saltado, goi ga salad and some more chicken and rice. Great location for a bang-bang after dinner at n/naka.


Three of my favorite things!


^^ These look really promising to my eyes… next time I find myself near that area I’m going to have to check it out!

Thanks for the pictures! The other dishes look good, too, but I’ve been missing proper HCR since I was in Singapore almost 2 years ago.


What are your favorite HCR places in S’pore? Tian Tian was utterly ordinary when I last tried it about a year ago. Wee Nam Kee at Makansutra Masters was disappointing, and Sin Kee at Rasapura was equally pedestrian as well. Help!


I thoroughly enjoyed Ah Tai, two stalls down from Tian Tian. Allegedly opened by a former Tian Tian worker from their heyday.


Thanks. I just figured no one would have the chutzpah to openly declare war on Tian Tian in their own hawker centre. But then again, this IS Singapore-style business, after all…


My Singaporean friend would probably respond: “Tian Tian get too complacent and rest on laurels. Competition cutthroat.”


AKA Doing business in the Straits.


We ordered the exact same thing for lunch a last week. It was a weekday Lunch and we found the service pretty quick and the place relatively empty! Not sure how long they will stay that way since Sony is literally down the street… but if you are in the area during work hours… it’s a real solid option.



Third trip today.
Every time I’ve been, the place has at most two other tables filled. I usually visit a between 1 and 2 PM.
Tried the goi ga salad. Really like all of the components, but I wanted more aggressive seasoning. It was light and delicate. That poached chicken was the star. While good, I dint think I’ll be rushing to order this again.
Proprietor chatted with me a bit and said the only dish people have an issue with are the garlic noodles. Customers are feeling like the portion size is too small for the price.
I do recommend M+G for lunch on a Monday. Kogi is closed so the lot is more open.




I kind of had this issue with it–it is a very small dish compared to most other noodle dishes at SE Asian restaurants. It’s definitely not enough for a meal.


but I do think the garlic noodle + Tumeric chicken wings make a good meal. In fact that’s what I had the other day along with a beer.

If you are in the mood for a light meal I do really like the goi ga salad and would / will go back for it. Is it craveable in the way my ‘chop salad’ at N+M Sahm was no but personally I think they will get do very well with the local apartment building crowd.


Because it’s less greasy than Mama An’s noodles, I’ve been hacking those tasty Mee & Greet garlic noodles and taking them home to use as a starch for huli huli chicken. Or using it as a base for my takeout Hop Woo ginger/scallion lobster (mix with lobster au jus). I’m also playing with the idea of adding mentaiko and/or uni to them noodles later this week.