Mee & Greet


Yeah. I think the garlic noodles are priced a few bucks less than the more substantial items so I’m okay with portion size. But alone, I wouldn’t be satisfied with just an order of those noodles.

I’ll give the goi ga another shot. I was torn because my stomach wanted Hainan chicken but my brain said I needed to explore the menu more. Might not have been fair.

@J_L ALL of those hacks sound so good.


Mrs. Chandavkl is the Hainan Chicken connoisseur in the family and says this one isn’t very good. She’ll take Savoy any day of the month. Everything was much too salty except the Turmeric chicken which was great. Since I’ve written about the dilemma of “cheap” Chinese food I can’t be accused of being racist if I say food is overpriced, and here the cost is not accompanied by the commensurate quality.


I guess opinions will vary. I thought that it was one of the better prepared renditions that I’ve had over here, albeit not salty enough. The sauces made up for it.

The ones in Singapore - the good ones - are kinda like bbq here. The chicken can stand on its own. While the sauces are requisite for Singaporeans, I really don’t need them.


Everyone I know (outside of FTC) who has been to Mee & Greet have given it a thumbs down. I was going to go and try it the other day, but decided on Mr. Sate instead. No regrets.


I haven’t tried Mr. Sate yet. Is it as good as Simpang Asia?




Personally I prefer the garlic noodles at Kickin Crab in Baldwin Hills to Mee and Greet.


Uh oh. So I was this close to trying Mee & Greet yesterday, to the point that I circled the block to try and nab parking, but no dice. I’m now wondering if the universe was on my side.

I’m particularly concerned to hear that Savoy’s HCR is superior–I found theirs to be awful and absolutely nothing like proper HCR, and I have no idea why they are hyped for that dish at all.

HOW ABOUT THIS: How does Mee & Greet’s HCR compare to that of the short-lived Grainivore? Because that was the only adequate HCR I’ve had in Los Angeles, and I’d say it was at least “good.”


Not at all. I LOVE HCR and I enjoyed the rendition at M&G. However it does not come close to the perfection that was Grainovore. It always seems to be had it’s one or the other when it comes to excellent HCR. Either the chicken is excellent and the rice meh. Or the rice really good and chicken okay (which is where I put M&G. I also think the sauces are okay at M&G. Still when compared to other renditions out there… M&G is one of the better ones that uses good quality chicken (recently went to Taishi in Torrance and GAWD what awful chicken)

Like so many others I fell in LOVE with Savoy for HCR. I still would not turn down a plate but I think that M&G, Tasty Food and Side Chick are superior. Still neither comes close to Grainovre and the only place I love more than Graibovre was Flock and Fowl in Vegas.


Thanks, Dommy! I’m sad to hear that it is nowhere near Grainivore’s, but at this point I feel like passable HCR in a post-Grainivore Los Angeles is a white whale, so I’m not too surprised. I was so excited to try Side Chick after all the positive reviews here, but it really didn’t measure up for me at all.

Thanks for the Tasty Food mention–I forgot that I need to try that place still, along with Cluck2Go.


Just a heads up, they have two parking lots. There’s a second one just east of Overland/Palms.


good to know


I mentioned it before, but just to calibrate my reviews: I am so not a HCR expert. But I did think the dish was tasty without any expectations of how the dish should be.

For the HCR pros: where should I go (aside from Singapore because if I’m traveling that far it’s not going to be to go there) to calibrate my HCR scale?


Flock n Fowl in Las Vegas.


I have a reason to go to Las Vegas?
Right on! Thank you!


Just be sure to check hours and health department violations before you go.


Will do. I’ve. Um. Never been to Vegas.
Holds exactly zero appeal for me. But I know I’m
missing out on some good eats so maybe I need to just do it.


Second lot also fills up too.


Holds exactly zero appeal for me.

I don’t even understand this - unless you hate everything in life, Vegas has something for everyone.


But also seems like the worst place to go get that thing, whatever that thing is.

I feel like I missed the golden years of Vegas.

Perhaps I’m wrong. How would I know?