Mee & Greet


you’re right. only one way to find out. :wink:


The Vegas now has changed dramatically.

When I was a kid every hotel had a arcade and the larger ones had a midway as well. It was a lot of fun! Basically kids were given a lot of money to go play while Mommy and Daddy got to gamble away our college funds. Almost always hit up a buffet and stuff your face of 2 meals worth.

They tore down a lot of these smaller shitty casinos that had a certain charm or they completely renovated it. One of my favorite was O’sheas. They had an actual midget as a dressed up Leprechaun on top of the bar pouring shots down your throat, $1 tables for cards, an area for beer pong, live karaoake, and a Burger King in the back. That little shitty hole in the wall was the most fun place in the Vegas strip. Had college aged kids from around the country but also a lot of seniors looking for cheap tables. Get this another crappy hole in the wall a few doors down had $1 hot dogs and live Elvis impersonators every night singing all his classics!
Fun times when I turned 21 and over.

Every hotel had to have a special theme. The Mirage, had a Volcano show I remember being impressed as a kid! Then I walked in and saw white tigers! By far the worst is New York New York and Paris.

Now it seems like are catering towards Electronic dance music with so called DJ’s who press buttons and Chinese tourists (every hotel has a Chinese restaurant and Chinese speakers on staff).

A different era would have been the Rat Pack. I wouldn’t have mind hearing Frank Sinatra live.

So it seems like Vegas changes every few decades.


I recently had a fun long weekend in Vegas. There are some things that Vegas has that L.A. doesn’t. I gave about $130 to the MLife/MGM group. I got some shopping in. I spent 4 days eating around town. It wasn’t a bad way to get out town for a few days.


I’ve been few times, and I still don’t get the place. I like Circus Circus, and I like the Bellagio buffet. Other than that… ::shrug::


It is a party, not a place. Lots of happy people, alcohol, music, sports, dancing, and gambling. A giant party with people frolicking in the streets, and in hotels, and at pools, and you can honestly do almost anything, including looking at art and wild animals and acrobats. Vegas has that energy unique to carnivals and street fairs and holidays. Plus buffets! :slight_smile:


Getting back to Mee and Greet:

How garlicky is the food here, other than the garlic noodles?


Side Chick is missing that rice element that is SO important. The chicken is very good (I like it better than M&G) but that race… :frowning:

Tasty Food is great. I think I would pick it over both SC and M&G. However, it does take a while to get done. However, You can get an appetizer of Egg Noodles with Wonton and Beef that is very similar to what Anthony Bourdain had in the Hong Kong Episode at Harlam Kitchen in the same food court.


It’s very garlicky.


Preach! That’s the vegas I remember as a little kid and frolicked in when I turned 21 and wild days of college and early 20’s. It’s definitely not that now. The bizarre, anything can happen and you never know what you’ll see atmosphere has been transformed into a corporate focus group experience.

Rounding back to food, the late 90’s to early 2000’s saw some fantastic food from chefs that were not available to most US patrons at very reasonable prices. I remember some great prix-fixe meals. But all that has also disappeared. Now, Vegas doesn’t really offer anything that you can’t find in any other big city.


Boon Tong Kee is where we go if we’re going out specifically for HCR. The River Valley one is open super late, until 2 or 3am. Perfect after a night out.

Other than that, i prefer the smaller stalls in the HBD developments. The stalls can’t stay in business with mediocre food since the residents won’t buy it. There’s a good stall at the West Coast Market in Clementi, but I I don’t recall the name. It’s in the center row.


Yes, that’s the one I saw as I was driving past it, but by the time I’d circled around the last spot was taken by someone who’d turned in just ahead of me. Oh well.


I actually found the chicken to be a bit lacking in flavor at Side Chick, and I remember thinking that the chicken looked too big–like they used a typical USA-style chicken instead of a smaller, more flavorful heirloom variety. Sauces also weren’t quite right. Can’t remember my thoughts on the rice.

Thanks for the Tasty Food tips! I’m thinking of heading there maybe tomorrow, who knows.


The amount of cars in that mini mall is quite astounding. Some kind of 2nd floor dance/yoga studio seems the culprit. Overland, south of Palms, westside of street is usually a serviceable option.
Maybe the growing Bird/Lime ridership will alleviate this problem - and help out local ERs’ bottom-line with head trauma cases…


Heavy Duty. Doubt Mrs. CB will return for this reason. I can handle it, barely.


Thanks for saving me time + $.


Dammit Bob!


No, Mee and Greet is the culprit. The lot didn’t used to be so busy even with the yoga place upstairs.


you’re very clearly not looking hard enough.


K I’ll stop replying on this tangent now.


Kogi Taqueria shares the same parking lot.

It certainly wasn’t because of the crappy doughnut place that used be in the Mee & Greet space, that’s for damn sure.


That. One of the best HCR I had was at a joint at the base of an apt block in Ang Mo Kio.