Merry Christmas FTC


Drunk AF. No more than 3 Negronis for me. Brussels Sprouts salad was killer.


I’m 6 shots of whiskey in and barely coherent. Thank god for autocorrect.


You’re a Negroni rocks drinker? I like those but prefer up. Still, I think three is the right number.


Yes, but it’s just one big cube.


Out of curiosity I tried a Negroni when we were in Rome. I was drunk after one. I’d rather save my alcohol units for the third bottle of wine.


That was my problem- I’d already had a bottle of wine at home before. I don’t think Negronis are stronger than other drinks, at least for me.


Maybe the place we went in Rome made big ones.


It helps if you are eating as well as drinking if you go for more than one.


Strange. A properly made classic negroni should have the equivalent of 2.0 oz. of gin.
It’s a classic drink. Worth trying again.
I had a perfectly balanced version at Tartine Manufactory of all places.


Tried my first Negroni recently. The restaurant was featuring a special Negroni menu. The barman from Sicily was delightful and very enthusiastically extolled the drink’s stature as an iconic Italian apéritif.

We discussed our preferences, and he built two drinks per our flavor profile. Though neither of us are fans of bitters, we did enjoy the first drinks enough to give carte blanche for round two. (which meant only one bottle of wine with dinner) :slight_smile:

More Vergano Chinato as an digestif. Good night. :sleeping:


Wow! That menu could get me in all sorts of trouble. Looks incredible.


Holiday Party #1
Vodka creeper cocktails
More wine (in the form of a blind taste test between $ - $$$ cabs)
Gin cocktail
More wine

There was a smorgasbord of food: chicken kebabs, basmati, tamales from Sandra’s, Popeye’s fried chicken, some baked pasta dish called Spaghetti Francisco, salad, charcuterie, veggies, fruit, SusieCakes Red Velvet, pound cake, and a chocolate chip banana streusel bread. I am thoroughly stuffed and enternally grateful that it wasn’t at my house so I don’t have to clean. We packed all the food away for the hosts and took out all the trash before we left.


Nice! I like the idea of trying the different gins and vermouths, but a Negroni has Campari. Otherwise, it’s a riff on a Negroni.


Respectfully disagree on a small point. Campari is only one iteration of a whole family of closely related bitter aperitifs.
To me, that’s like saying a Moscow Mule must only contain Smirnoff Vodka since the drink was invented as a marketing tool by that company. Use Tito’s and it’s a riff? Nah.

Besides, which Campari is the one true formula? Campari has a slightly different make up depending on the country it is intended to be sold in.

I’m mean, I’m okay calling some of those combinations riffs on a Negroni because some combinations are straying from the formula quite a ways.

I guess I’m just a cocktail nerd who thinks other Italian-style bitter aperitifs are actually better than Campari (ducks and runs away).


If you go to the IBA website or do a Google search for a Negroni, you’d be hard-pressed to find a recipe that doesn’t specify Campari. Moscow Mule on the other hand just specifies vodka.

Preferring another brand of Italian-style bitters I can understand. But it still doesn’t make it a classic Negroni.


cheers… after the recent trip to italy i’m again hooked on negronis… and yesterday got everything I need to make them at home from k&l.

italians are really strict about the inputs so it’s always campari but i’m going to use one of the several spanish vermouths i have instead of martini

they also have a law about negronis being only as an aperitivo… but you know about us yanks and their old world rules :stuck_out_tongue:

also in italy they have a bitch version negroni that is called Americano… it subs gin for prosecco lol. kind of a campari sprits with vermouth i guess.


might as well use the italian word Aperitivo :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. 16quid are you madddd


i actually prefer aperol for some some things… somehow though a negroni is not a negroni without campari… it’s a thing… maybe not by definition but definitely in practice.


Compari is slightly different since they took the bugs out.


I need this logo on a t-shirt…