Mexican food near Dodgers Stadium


Can anybody here recommend a Mexican restaurant near Dodgers Stadium?




Mexicali Taco & Co


Carnitas Michaocan, on the N/W corner of No. Broadway and 19th. Order at window and receive at the other, with covered patio with picnic tables to eat there or well-wrapped to take out. Good carne asada and better al pastor cut from a spit for tacos or big burritos with my favorite hot sauce around.


Carnitas Michoacán is all about the carne asada fries!!!


Really need to know what direction you are coming from …


thanks folks…I was going to do Guisados but it was a zoo, street parking blocked off because of Dodgers game, so we ended up at Cosa Buona…an excellent mushroom(cremini) pie and shared stuffed shells…perfect! and super convenient for my friends to head to Vin Scully Way!


Huitlaoche quesadilla cart lady, just south of the corner of Sunset & Echo Park…


thanks JL but I was looking for a sit down restaurant…ended up at Cosa Buona for excellent pizza


For the future, you can usually turn into the Guisados satellite lot down the block before Dodger games without too much trouble.


thanks bruins!