Miku for lunch in Vancouver


After taking the ferry there and back to Lonsdale Quay and market, we stopped for lunch at Miku. We had no reservations and were seated in a large booth in the room that overlooked the waterfront. Would definitly recommend that room vs the other, larger dining room.

We got sake and it came with wine glasses. Changed my world. We now drink sake in wine glasses, as you can much more appreciate the smells. Out go my sake glasses I made in my pottery class!

We ordered a mix of sushi and special rolls, including the house special roll and a seasonal sakura roll. My husband felt the rolls far outshined the sushi.

This was their special pressed roll, which was very unique and for me, worth going back for.

This was the seasonal sakura roll and it was delicious! It had pickled cherry blossoms on top!

It was an expensive lunch but the service was very good and the view wonderful. We got to watch the seaplanes take off, which my husband loves.

Also recommend the ferry! All of them! Love traveling by water. Sure as heck beats the 405!



Love it! That “pressed” one was like “Spam musubi.”

But this all sounds terrific.


I just tried one of those for the first time! Wasn’t bad!!


I make them occasionally. Easy to have everything on hand when it starts to sing to us :slight_smile:


I live right next to an area called Little Osaka, so I’ve got 3 good Japanese markets in the area, including one that has goodies from Hawaii. There’s always a good selection of sushi and Japanese food to go from these places, including the spam musubi I finally tried. I was the first time I can remember ever eating spam!


You’re lucky. I hadn’t eaten it since childhood (in the South) until Sam F and a bunch of us starting talking about it. I carried a can to Rio one year but was clueless what to do with it. Emailed Sam and he said pepper heavily and fry. The recipe I use for musubi has you mix soy sauce and sugar and fry in that. Mmm.


Hmmmm, that sounds very tasty!!