Minetta Tavern - Black label burger


Lives up to the hype, damn good burger even at $33!!! Bar carries a terrific selection of Bourbon, ryes and Japanese whiskies. Made my list of essential NYC restaurants.


@sgee Best burger I’ve ever had — i still think about it 2 years since my last NYC visit. The desserts sounded good, too.


Had a good version of pot de creme. However group sitting next to me ordered a very promising looking chocolate souffle. Will do that next time.


The Minetta Tavern burger is great. Simplicity at its finest.

Nowadays I reall think the Au Cheval at 4 Charles Prime Rib (hold the cheese) has one upped the Minetta Tavern Black Label creation. And Emily burger is pretty good too, as the dry aged funk is more pronounced than in the Black Label.


That for the recs, the Prime rib looks good too. Emily has a branch in Manhattan, yay!


Minetta is one of the best burgers I have eaten in that style.


The dry aged cote de boeuf is pretty great too