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Optiwine: Make a wine sublime in just 10 minutes! Optiwine is an invention (100% Bordeaux) that allows the nano-aeration of a wine to bring it to its optimal status in just 10 minutes. It consists of…

Yeah. Delete.


But, it’s 100% Bordeaux!


Sheesh. So I actually Googled the product. How is what it does any different from swirling some wine in your glass? Looks like a lot of development cost there. Will people actually think it’s worth buying?


do you have to call your doctor if your aeration lasts more than 4 hours?




Wow! Sunshine, this is when I wish I could insert and eye roll emoji in a reply.


Next thing you know there will be ads during football games urging guys to enhance their aeration…then couple sitting in wine vats at the top of a hill with little bubblers mounted on the vats.


Is THAT what Viagra is supposed to do? Increase your aeration???