Ms. Chi Café (Culver City): A Pictorial Essay


Reading that she had put chicken in the filling was enough to turn me off to the entire restaurant, actually (and, no, I’m actually dead serious about that).

And why do the jaozi in various photos looked like they’ve been fried or roasted?


It seems Ms Chi at The Fields is not so swell at conjunctional phrases as the listed menu states: pork AND shrimp wontons in chili oil, yet apparently it is only pork wontons or only shrimp wontons, both I assume in chili oil. I skipped them and order the chicken jaozi, which may OR may not have been a mistake.


Ironically, I preferred the chicken jaozi to the pork dumplings. I was thrown by the method of preparation too. Was expecting steamed but got something that seemed pan fried.


I used to search the SGV in vain in search of chicken dumplings but they are now more and more prevalent. Also lots of choices for chicken dumplings in the frozen food section of the Chinese supermarkets, so they’ve become mainstream.


Oh I’m aware of the ubiquity of chicken as a jiaozi filler, no doubt.

My beef (pun intended) is with the movement away from the traditional (and IMHO much better tasting) pork, fish or beef filling.


If the pics looked more appetizing, I’d totally be willing to try them to see if I agree…