Multiple photos of the same dish


All in all we try to be professionals. None of us are. Sorry . Cut the crap. Have fun . Post your pictures. Talk the talk . Happy new year 2019. :cocktail:


Now, em, that’s an interesting comment. My experience in CH without an LA slant was that people were just talking about food. So perhaps you just explained the difference. Trying to be professional food reviewers. Thanks. That gives me a good perspective. xoc


Then why are you on this board every day, Cath? According to you you were banned from CH on more than one occasion. So you apparently weren’t happy there either. People who hang out someplace or live someplace around people they don’t like then proceed to ridicule, insult or change those people are actually the sucky ones themselves. I think you just like to argue and you’re not happy unless you get one. You started a thread just so you could have an argument and not be interrupted by the off-topic police or actual food talking (which you claim to want) or those pesky food photos. I like a good argument every now and then and I have a little time on my hands. Actually I don’t, I’m just procrastinating. But since we’re friends I’m happy to oblige you. I don’t even think I’m one of the posters you’re complaining about (if I am I don’t care), but this is kinda’ fun.

P.S. I didn’t realize Food Talkers didn’t talk about food. My whole NYE menu pretty much came from food talking! You on the other hand are busy looking for shit you don’t like.


It’s our hidden fantasy.


I prefer vulgarity be kept to a minimum, especially of the scatological kind.


My mom would kiss you for that.


@catholiver You know we love you, right? My favorite thing above it you is your thick skin. You laugh through everything, no matter what’s thrown at you. :slight_smile:


That was actually an anatomical word, not vulgarity. A side story. My maternal grandmother used to say “Want in one hand and spit in the other and see which one gets filled up first.” I was probably in my 40s when I discovered that the original quote didn’t have “spit” but rather, well, you know :slight_smile:


Bordering on trolling.


I would encourage anyone who cares to read my posts. It was my opinion only.

Not me.


1000x this. Not sure why people post on the LA board when they don’t live in LA, aren’t visiting LA anytime soon, or have real related input on the actual restaurant/thread being posted on.


If you’ll look, you’ll see that I don’t post often on the LA board and it’s almost always something benign like “wow, that looks great,” or to ask a question about a particular dish.