My Latest .99 cent Only Store finds


I need to go and get some - thanks!


Love getting their huge portobello caps…


They had yesterday a 12 pk of Ball Park Frank Beef dogs. . .
I got the Oscar Mayer Turkey dogs…woo hoo
With the 12 pk of the Franciscan hot dog rolls at Costco for $2 bucks and dollar dogs…damn, don’t get no better than that!
Grillin’ chillin’ weekend pool fun. .


My FIND at Goodwill is old Revere copper bottom stainless steel pots. I collected a whole set for my daughter, and replaced my not copper bottomed single handled 4 quart pot.


What 99 Cent store?


It seems that all the .99 Cent Only Stores seem to have the same deal…
I’m in San Diego.

BTW, I love your Magnificence’s LuLu!


Why is the food so inexpensive there?


Thank you. :slight_smile:

They don’t all have the same stuff


I find on this board that LA has the same deals going on the same time…
Maybe a coinky dink but I don’t think so.


Golden Krust Jamaican beef, chicken and veggie patties!


Tim Tams Caramel and Regular
Butter Lettuce Organic with root attached
Jelly Belly Flops
4 pk of Pistachio nuts "Wonderful’ brand name


Green and Black’s dark chocolate almond chocolate bar
Dare Maple cookies (filled sandwich cookies shaped like a leaf)
Westchester location on La Tijera


evidently the 99 cent store sells 6 packs of Hite.

Palmdale location.


Great buy. I bought some of these.

Saw these in Brea as well. Like a whole palate. You’ll get a much better deal at the Korean markets when they go on sale for $2.99 per 6 pack.


I’ll spend more than a dollar in gas going to the nearest korean market :joy:


I’ve seen Hime at multiple locations - Burbank, Glendale and Highland park.


Chinchi - Did you try the dare cookies?

As a kid we went to Canada every summer and I seem to recall the Dare cookies as tasty.

The 99 cents store in Glendale on San Fernando had the Dare Maple and - pumpkin spice. Had to find enough other stuff that I did not pause and grab but - would love to check them out the next time.


Went there today and scored!

I went in just hoping to nab their fat free half and half for my husband and also found…

Oscar Mayer Delifresh Black forest Ham 8 oz.
Roast chicken breast, Chipolte, 8oz.
18 count large eggs (the only thing I paid over a dollar for - not the best price but hey, I didn’t have to make another stop.)
Aunt Jemima self rising flour - 5 pounds. Perfect for southern tea cakes and biscuits.
Canyon ranch frozen strawberries (woo! Way better than the brand carried at Dollar Tree, which I did once in an emergency and? Never again.)
14oz. Guava paste - perfect for combining with the frozen strawberries and a bit of sugar to make strawberry guava jam…
1 pound of Meyer lemons! Dresick Farms CA, they looked BEAUTIFUL.

And my best find? (approx. retail $5)

I was actually already in line when, the dad behind me (with two girls) stepped over to check it out. He didn’t get it but it looked so interesting, I asked him if he could hold my place while I looked (three steps away.)

He said yes, I brought it back and it turns out, the girl’s mom loves artichokes so they were thinking about buying it for her and then they asked “What’s an artichoke?” The dad just happened to see the fresh artichoke I was putting on the conveyer belt and said “There. That’s an artichoke. She has one.” So then I picked it up and held it by them and explained how you eat it.

It was like I had shown them a Martian, their eyes were that big : )

So honestly? Even with all my fab buys that was my best moment of the day. The girls were so sweet and using their allowance to shop for their friends and their mom. And to be able to show them something and explain it? Just joy.

Yay the 99 cents store!


The Dare cookies are being gifted to someone who loves all things maple :grin:


Ah. Got it. Very thoughtful of you!

(But I may have to go back and buy a boxful of each : )