My Latest .99 cent Only Store finds


Todays fun find of the day? Snack Factory Veggie Sticks - snap pea. 5oz.

Got good reviews, low in fat and, 6 grams of protein per serving! Worth a try.

Todays second fun find was Outshine mango Yogurt Bars. I’d purchased them before, hoped there’d still be some left - and there were!

Really tasty, thus husband loves them, low calorie with a nice hit of protein, the only downside to the is their high cost in the supermarket. But for 99 cents? I bought 3 boxes!

Got the Crystal Light lemon decaf iced tea package - the pitcher pack, 8 quarts total. (Just had them for the first time and they are very nice. Not quite as good as the Arizona sugar free peach iced tea - but what is?)

Then my pantry norms of the big bag of corn tortillas, a one pound box of saltines, frozen strawberries, fat free creamer etc. Nabbed it all in 15 minutes, now I have to go lie down!:upside_down_face:


Oui, French Style Yogurt…delicious and in a glass jar…strawberry…and I HATE strawberries!
4 pk of Cheese Nips…( white cheddar & regular)
Cane sugar/Turbanado
Annie’s Natural 4pk of Yogurt in pouch
Near East Quinoa with Brown Rice

Love Love Love my .99 Cent Store!


Not from the 99 cent store but I had that yogurt (plain) and liked it quite a lot. But I did think it was odd that the glass jar just had a peel off foil lid. So really not reusable.


Cheesecloth and a rubber band.


We’re on the road a lot and use ‘old’ bottles and jars for carrying things. But they need to be watertight.


It is reusable, simply not the way you want to use it. Buy a different yoghurt, I guess.


Yeah. Not a big deal. And, yes, I’ll use it for something.


Yup, I too got the beautiful dark turbano sugar. Love using it as a finishing sugar for pies and galettes and can’t beat the price!

I also got the four pound bag of white sugar (from mexico.) Steal of a price, just $1.

The biggest surprise was? A mesh bag with three, 1 pound packs of fresh strawberries. Their shapes were not perfect but? Beautiful color and turns out, nice flavor. So? I used some of the mexican sugar to make jam with them! Yum!


Okay, bought at the 99 cents store for 1.99. Still? A killer deal.

Clayhouse Adobe White, 2013, $1.99. I tend to keep a bottle around as a back up bottle, for drinking or cooking. Have a friend from Northern CA visiting, who saw it in my fridge and was happy. One of her fav wines and? She felt guilty about drinking it as, when she got it, it was $10 - $15 per bottle. I then confessed the price I paid.


Needless to say, I went back and got more, so she could have happy, guilt free beverages for the rest of her visit : )


Glad it’s good. My luck with 5+ year old whites at bargain stores has been less than stellar.


Midlife -

Oh yes. Me too! (Shudders as she remembers all the bottles she has poured down the drain) But when a wine website I follow rec’d it and admitted getting it from the 99 cents store? I figured it was worth a try. And it was!


So sad, the Clayhouse Adobe White is gone from all the shelves of my local 99 cents stores : (

Maybe I should not have talked about it!

Ah well, went today and got three pounds of organic strawberries, so I am a happy girl. Have two pounds prepped for jam right now and the third pound is baking in a buttermilk cake as I type.