My new Samsung, induction cooktop, convection range!


Our little place in Seattle HAD a coil-type electric cooktop that drove me crazy. So this got delivered today!

And, no, I didn’t pay anywhere CLOSE to that much.

And here she is:

And there’s some kind of wifi feature that will force me to read the manual. But unlike my earlier one(s) I love not having the controls for the ‘burners’ on the cooktop (gives lots more room) and I love all the controls being on the front. That have this silly feature shown in the top photo where there are flame-type lights that turn on when the burner is. I’d love to talk to the designer to see why they added that.

Anyway I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. Oh, and this kitchen has a minute amount of counter space so the cooktop adds immensely to that. Happy birthday year to me. LOL.


Here’s my expanded counter space. I’m soooooo happy!