N/naka ...101


Managed to score a reservation this morning. They go ridiculously fast, faster than any other reservation I’ve made worldwide let alone LA. By 10:01 it was completely booked. Haven’t been since the end of 2014 looking forward to eating there, not looking forward to the 3 month wait.


FYI to all

Had a friend with a 9p reservation. She ate her last course around midnight.


She must be a fast eater.
That’s early for the 9 seating.


Another glorious visit last night. Just posting the photogenic dishes. Niki makes me happy. That is all.


Very beautiful food. Post as many as you like, we will not complain:)


ugh, thanks to thread turning my Sunday 9:57am alarm back on.


Has anyone had success w/ the webpage?

WTF DO YOU PUT IN MODERN OR VEGETARIAN?!?!?!? I’ve gotten that fucking message to add menu via “special request” for 2 weeks in a row now and have not been able to figure out where the fuck that option is.


Hm, I would just email 'em. They were really responsive via email when I went, and I confirmed Modern/Veg choices that way.


The system is asking me this before I can confirm the reservation…ie it’s a required field but it’s sure not clear to me where this damn field is.

I’m not at a place where I can call to be placed on an any date/time wait list.


This “special request” message is the bane of my fucking existence.


Well… Look on the bright side. Eleven people are viewing your reservation and trying to solve your problem. :slight_smile:


Have you tried a desktop?


:point_up_2::violin:. J/K kinda.


Yes. Same message. Same bane.


I feel like I won the lotto.


For two? Thanks, I love you man! :wink:


He invited you as well?


Dang - that is generous of him to do so. Well then - wonder when he’s going? :joy:


He invited us all, even if he isn’t aware of that yet. We will be the Greek Chorus, commenting on each course. :slight_smile: Or perhaps we’ll be his punitive superego. Or we’ll just be weird, creepy stalker-types . :smiley:


What is the occasion? Not to judge, but this seems to be well outside of your typical type of places visited haha

I hope you have a good time.

I’m glad I didn’t wait 3 months to go. Damn.