N/naka ...101


So did you resolve the menu selection IT glitch from before?



Ignore any messages about menu and just keep confirming.


I’m guessing this wasn’t no PICNIC.




See here and here.



A few highlights from last night’s meal.

Scallop with avocado mouse, peas and marinated radish. One of the best bites of the evening. The avocado mousse had some fish sauce and crunchy elements. Great bite with all of the elements.

Maguro sashimi with 3 sauces. The black sauce was basically a concentrated seaweed sauce. Loved the red and black sauce mixed with a piece of sashimi. The maguro was very fresh and some of the best we’ve had recently.

Giant clam and uni pasta. They remembered we asked for a double portion the last time and asked us before hand if we wanted a double portion again. Amazing stuff.

Crab with uni and fluffy egg whites. The uni wasn’t necessary here but a luxury. The crab and broth were warm and delicious. Great flavors of the ocean.

Soft shell crab with beet/plum sauce. Very nicely fried.

A5 Miyazaki with foie gras in soy bean paste broth. There was live charcoal under this leaf still cooking everything. The meat was amazing and the broth did not overpower. Excellent char. A great combination of fatty meat with foie gras.

Sashimi. Kumamoto oyster, snapper from Japan and 2 other fishes I forget. Nice.

Sushi. Snapper and something else. The sushi was delicious.

Not pictured was a great toro roll with scallion. Ate it before I could take a picture. Great roll. The nori was crisp and delicious. Such a simple thing elevated the roll. There were 2 other pieces of sushi I forgot to take pictures of. These were actually the two best pieces - black throat and yellow tail.

Another amazing meal at n/naka. The service is top notch. All of the food was well executed and beautifully presented. A real dining extravaganza. They were out of the Born Gold, a very popular option at $80 so we ordered the Dassai 23 at $200. This was a great bottle of sake and stood up well to all of the dishes. We’re not sake experts but this was the best sake we’ve ever had. I saw the bottle of Dassi Beyond but $950 is a little out of our price range. Maybe one day.


Wow, looks amazing. Haven’t been in a few years but there are enough new and creative items here to warrant a return. That crab/egg dish, the maguro, and the pasta call to me.


That was both the best and most expensive meal of my life.

I was all set to book another res this morning but just found out they’re closed most of October :frowning:

Full rundown later but almost everything was fantastic, with some of my favorites being a play on tournedos rossini using unagi/foie/shittake/strawberry, and this out of control one bite “lobster salad” - lobster/cucumber/tomato/Yuzu mayo with a side of Yuzu sake.

Meal was a touch over 3 hours and did not feel like 3 hours at all.


Right on! So happy you had a good experience. That woman is really special.


Not that the silly “Best of” lists mean a G-D thing, but is kind of crazy that n/naka so often is not rated as our best (while Providence - which I do like quite a bit but nowhere near as much as n/n - so often is).


We should be thankful - reservations are hard enough to come by.


That is such an outlandishly wonderful dish. I am heading to n/naka this Thursday. Thanks for pumping up my already high level of excitement!


Ok, but how did it stack up compared to your recent Sizzler visit?


How accommodating are they to food preferences? I don’t eat fish or foie gras, and DH loves fish and foie and organ meat, but can’t eat shellfish (mild allergy), which I love. Could they accommodate that? We aren’t able to do a lot of tasting menus together because of this…


Probably not. I guess worth asking. Foie gras isn’t going to be a problem, but the entire menu is basically fish or seafood. They do a vegetarian tasting option, so there’s that.


While Niki and her staff are more than just “very accommodating” at some point you have to be aware that too much user input into the menu will strip the quiddity that is n/naka.

That said, you should call and ask, but for what it’s worth this is from the n/naka FAQ section:


Another lovely trip last night. Some highlights:

Zensai course: octopus sashimi; fried lotus root with curry salt; artichoke; branzino; watermelon radish; stone fruit

Japanese eggplant with crab

Pasta with sweet shrimp, shiitake, and ikura


does anyone know the current price for N/Naka? i was looking on the website and it says $185 + $85 for wine pairing.

Is the website current? i thought the price had gone up.



that’s what I paid in July.


thanks! i will now try the never ending process of getting a reservation. :grin: