Need recommendation for SF meals


I agree, the only thing worth getting there is the fior di latte soft serve - but that is very good.

Roli Roti and Hogg Island have crazy lines at peak times.


Yes. If it’s not too late to point this out, go to FP early Saturday (like before 9AM), and lines are reasonable.


I probably overlooked this but what is FP?



I find the Michelin-starred restaurants a very narrow and mostly uninteresting slice of the area’s culinary diversity, but the Bib Gourmand and The Plate lists are very good.


from their current menu, the shrimp grits and cheesecake are must orders.


Oh, thanks. I just think of it as the Ferry BUILDING.


The plaza is outside the building.


So the market has long lines? I assume they were referring to the places inside the building.


Roli Roti is outside; Hog Island is inside (with outside access IIRC). The popular places like the aforementioned and Acme and Cowgirl (inside), and just about any prepared food stands outside, tend to have a line on Saturday morning. We especially like the Hayes Street Grill stand (near Roli Roti) for crabcakes or bacon & eggs. Cowgirl’s food stand (inside) is also great for grilled cheeses and the like.


Been to Alto Vino?


First I’ve heard of it, and I’m unlikely ever to eat anywhere in that neighborhood, but Claudio Villani, the owner, is a good somm. Had a good time at its predecessor.


Goodness, why? And the menu looks quite good.


Parking’s awful, it’s a long schlep from BART, we have roughly similar places in the East Bay, and there’s nothing else in the immediate neighborhood that would bring me there.


Oh well, if you’re coming from the East Bay and unwilling to take MUNI then yeah. I thought you were advising against the neighborhood for anyone. Sorry.


The immediate neighborhood gets a lot of tourists because the cable car goes by.

I take Muni or Lyft or walk when there’s a good reason, for example to go to the excellent, very traditional tapas place that used to be right by there. Of course that was too good to last.


hh @ bar crudo


Ooh, haven’t eaten there since our kids moved to Marin. Liked it a lot.


Do you recall what else they have on the HH menu other than $1 oysters and mussels?