New categories (i.e. boards)


Boston category created by request.


I’m wondering where South Jersey fits into things right now. I actually am closer to Wilmington DE where I live than Philadelphia. On CH all the South Jersey conversation mostly got shuffled onto the Philly board, as the Jersey board was pretty much all North/Middle state. And right now I don’t see anywhere labelled for Jersey, so just curious.


You can request a NJ board if you want one. The DE board came at my request. And by the way, welcome, and please post on Wilmington experiences on the DE board! So far it’s just me (and whenever @CindyJ drives across the line :slight_smile: )


@robert, would it be possible to organize the boards in a different order? For example, all the states together and then Home Cooking, Uncategorized, Site Feedback, etc. on the bottom? I guess, pretty much how Hungry Onion has it organized. I personally think it “flows” better that way, but I don’t know how others feel. Sorry if this is a dumb request!


I don’t see enough traffic here to justify creating top-level categories and subcategories yet.

It makes more sense to me to organize things as they evolve rather than setting up a big empty structure. You know how some landscape architects don’t pave paths until people have beaten them?


Delaware & environs is supposed to include that part of NJ.


Yeah, I see your point. Thanks for the reply! :smile:


Added Texas as someone created an uncategorized topic for Dallas tips.

Added Italy because I’m spending the month in Rome.


I look at it a little differently than you do, Travelmad. I don’t know if there’s enough “traffic” in and around DE for it to be its own board. IMHO, the canal not only divides the state, it divides attitudes and lifestyles. How many posts regarding (s)lower DE have you ever seen on CH? And this might sound strange, but if I post something about a discovery at Papa’s Market or Moore Brothers, my gut tells me it would be more useful to folks in PA than to those in DE. Go figure!


Hi Robert,

Nice! Have fun in Italy for a month! :smile:

BTW, if you run into any amazing Cacio e Pepe, report back please! :wink:


To me, cacio e pepe is something you’d make at home. I don’t know when it became a trendy dish in restaurants, I don’t recall ever seeing it on a menu when I lived here.


There are actually plenty of questions/answers about restaurants and food in southern Delaware, but you never saw many of them because they were on CH’s DC/Baltimore board. That’s the home location of many people who go to the Delaware beaches. And there have been a decent number of questions–though to be honest, probably less answers!–about Dover or Middletown, or from people driving down the Delmarva peninsula. So in a word, yes, I do think Delaware deserves its own board. It irks me that people assume that the entire state is a suburb of Philadelphia. It’s not!

The other problem with having Delaware as a stepchild on the Philly or DC/Baltimore boards is that the Delaware-oriented posts get swamped entirely.


Okay! Okay! You make a valid case for a stand-alone DE board and I’m happy to support your position. :relaxed: I rarely saw the posts about lower DE because I hardly ever looked at the DC/Baltimore board. Was that different from the Mid-Atlantic board?


Given Travelmad’s strong argument for keeping the Delaware board on its own, and seeing as how NJ is really not so closely aligned with DE, why not create a NJ board that includes all of NJ? Or, if Jerseyites prefer, one for North Jersey and one for South Jersey?


@robert how about an international board or maybe even a separate Europe and Asia board?


I’ll create boards as I see demand.

I think more boards that reflect local culinary identiies make more sense.


A NJ board makes plenty of sense to me. I was one of those who lobbied hard for the creation of a NJ board on CH, and once it was created it got plenty of activity. I don’t think it’s a hardship for people to look at more than one board near where they live–I always looked at both Philadelphia and Mid-Atlantic on CH.

A separation between South Jersey and North Jersey could be problematic once the Central Jersey residents find their way here…(I grew up in central NJ and I wouldn’t consider myself to be either North or South!)


@robert a bit of a Catch 22 there isn’t it? How can one post or ask for recs for Europe or Asia if no such board exists?


I think the idea is to request a board and then one will be created.

So, if one wanted to post a topic about restaurants in Paris, they can either first request an appropriate board or simply post the query/topic in the “Uncategorized” board like @Mr_JJ did with his Dallas request and @robert will gin up a landing spot for the post.


I lived in central NJ (very close to the Great Adventure) for a couple of years and I know what you mean. That area has grown quite a bit since I lived there, which makes an even stronger case for a separate NJ board.