New categories (i.e. boards)


The Costco threads are interesting, too (though they do tend to be a little more regional about what you can get where). But yeah, a grocery chain board would be a good idea, IMHO.


I think grocery chains are mostly regional. Even national chains like Trader Joe’s have different stock in different regions.


Bobby, do we have some sort of General topics or not about food section or its that behind the scope of the site ???

Thanks man.



There’s “Food in the news” and “Restaurants meta.” If you want to post something that doesn’t fit those just make it uncategorized and I’ll figure it out.


I see.

Thanks. That works perfectly.


Praise Jesus, truer words have never been spoken about Italian food.


We were looking for black peppercorns today and they’re pretty clearly not an everyday Roman stable, despite how common they are in salumi. Some shops with spice sections didn’t have them at all, some had them only in cheap (but not disposable) plastic pepper grinders, one place had them only mixed with rock salt (what?!?!?), one woman in a shop that didn’t have them thought we might have to go to Castroni (the shop where all the foreigners go to buy hard-to-find foreign ingredients) to find them.

Reminded me of when we lived here and had a party where one local woman in her early 20s thought it was our own very original idea to put pepper in a salad.


Since it seemed closest geographically, I posted about Baltimore in the Delaware category. Or should there be a DC/Baltimore category?


Arizona or Southwest would be great…
Thanks Robert!


I too would like to see a DC/Baltimore board (and would be happy to moderate it as well).


That would be great, but please let’s keep the posts on restaurants in Rehoboth Beach etc. on the Delaware board. (It’s unlikely to come up until next summer, but I wanted to make the case now!)


I also like the Trader Joe’s Nay/Yay threads from CH… a grocery store category here would be pretty cool.


A Truckee-Tahoe-Reno-Carson section would be great. There is a vibrant food scene in that area.


Hi Robert,

Thank you very much for creating this site. I’m really enjoying it already.

I’d like to propose two subboards of Home Cooking: Baking and Vegetarian/Vegan.


Might be a good idea in the future, but so far there are only around 20 topics so it seems a bit premature to split it up.


Aloha Robert!
Would love to see a Hawaii board.


Have I just missed it, or are the Twin Cities absent?


Is Minnesota a distinct culinary region or would it make sense to have a group of states? All I know is Prince and Fargo.


Americas - South America (or Latin America - or for the time being, everything from Mexico to the tip of South America probably works until further splitting may be necessary).