New categories (i.e. boards)


I messed up somehow on my first attempt, but there is now a Latin America category.


well, there is no Colorado board yet. Can you add one, please? :smile: It was and still is the sleepiest board on CH. Not much traction or members. In fact, I was the only few that tried to get some action but after being on LA board from SF I missed the local talk. You’d think we live off of one Denny’s in Denver metro and maybe an IHOP in Aspen. But there’s tons of food here and great restaurants. Just never really caught on in CH. It may continue the tradition of being sleepy but would love to have somewhere I can post all by my lonesome. Thanks!

Here's to the great food found in St. Louis!

Twin Cities.


How about just a Florida board? Granted, I’m probably the only person in Alachua County who knows this site exists, but c’mon–doesn’t everyone in S.Florida have a kid/niece/nephew at UF or FSU?


I am in SEFloriida(Broward Cnty)
I also am interested in a Florida board


There is a Florida board.


How about an Australia/New Zealand board.

Will be headed there in a couple of weeks. Would love to post on some places.


I’m headed to Nashville/ Music City seems like they deserve a catagory. A lot going food wise


Agree about Nashville.

But perhaps a Tennessee board might be apropopriate to include underrated Memphis, and overlooked Knoxville.


TN board added. Some of you folks really get around.


Thank you @robert


Robert , If you’re going to add Tennessee you might as well include Kentucky , Alabama , and Mississippi for the deep South . I have a real interest to travel there .Also a lot going on food wise . I see there is Louisiana already .

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Thanks @ipsedixit!


Do we not have a separate England / UK section? I only see France, Italy, and Spain as subcategories of Europe.


I create categories on request.


Can you create a UK section, please? Thanks.


Created the category and moved two posts there.


cool, thank you.