New opening at LA Weekly


Silly rabbit, those fancypants writers have us FTCers to do that for them these days!


Thanks man.


Yes. Nailed the question at the heart of the matter.


And we have a new critic


Following the September departure of restaurant critic Besha Rodell, L.A. Weekly will be publishing reviews in the coming weeks from a number of voices. Karen Palmer is the former editorial director of Tasting Table; you should read her recent piece for the publication: “In the age of the influencer, do restaurant critics still matter?”

So uh, they moved from an employee to a whole bunch of freelance writers?


Cheaper mode of doing business.


Maybe soon we will, once again, be enjoying the pristine prose of our favorite non-poster @kevin
And that ain’t no fucking joke.


“In the coming weeks” leaves open the possibility that the freelancers are a temporary thing. But they could also be saying that to avoid coming right out and admitting that the position has been eliminated.


That is what they did after Jonathan left. How quickly people forget…


I just remember complaining she was a mediocre writer in Atlanta but ‘peor es nada’ as my mother likes to say.

But I do hope they pick up a full time reviewer I do have a preference for the old fashioned *'d review format. My vote is for SIV although I know that’s not realistic.


Who is SIV ?


S. Irene Virbila
Writer. Eater. Imbiber. Former @latimes wine and food columnist, longtime restaurant critic. Email: Instagram: sirene_virbila


Seems like maybe she’s retired.


she is retired


And, at least to this reader, tired AF.

I can’t recall ever finding her reviews at all useful


Agree. She was so startlingly non-creative in her scoping out of places and in her prose. I was completely mystified how she had that job for a day, let alone decades…


she didn’t have good bedside manner either.

And doez not look so good:

She looks like Deadth.


To each there own. I am not judging restaurant critics on their looks.

As for me I have felt more informed reading her reviews than any other critic in LA through the past 20 years. Less interested in how well a critic writes prose either.


The LA Weekly editor-in-chief tweeted a reply that they will hire at full-time restaurant critic.


Are you talking about this?