New opening at LA Weekly


It’ll be more interesting to see if anybody reads this thing ever again after they gutted the editorial staff.




Agree. The user experience has to improve


“I am eager to move forward on that journey with our amazing existing staff members, who are excited to join us on that ride.” Odd thing to say after he just laid so many of them off.


Well, after firing nearly everyone, surely he must really love the few he spared, no? lol


Money laundering : the new horizon for hollowed out corps.


I can’t see how a free weekly paper would be a suitable business for laundering money.



Being a dick doesn’t help your argument.


There are ways to launder money.

But buying a free weekly paper is not one of them.



This is terrible. I was going to paste a quote to back up my opinion. But there are so many choices.


The review is terrible and has tons of quotes to illustrate? Or Ink is terrible and the review perfectly illustrates it with so many points?


LA’s what?


Whatever one thinks of the review, it was filed before the purge.


According to several Twitter posts, from former writers and editors, the new owners are now changing dates on articles so they appear “new”:

If you’re on Twitter #BoycottLAWeekly makes for some interesting reading.



And Bill Esparza has pulled out of Tacolandia:


@KatherineSpiers’s twitter is a good read generally. She’s sharp as a tack and really funny. Can’t wait to see where she lands next.