New Year’s Day - OC dinner


Our friends have managed to find a sitter for the night and are free for a double-date on New Year’s Day. We live in southeast LA county and they live in south OC. I was hoping for The Ranch in Anaheim to be available, but they are closed for the holiday. Are there any finer dining establishments that might be open that day?
Much appreciated!


Among others, Canaletto, the Cellar, Mastro’s Ocean Club and Water Grill all show as being open.


Not as high end as The Ranch, but Reunion Kitchen + Drink in Anaheim might work. We had a nice lunch (that may or may not have bled into an early dinner) Saturday. They appear to have tables for 4 available tonight.

Another option is Pueblo in Costa Mesa.


I did brunch at Reunion last year after a nearby (and early morning) soccer match. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the food or service.
I’ll take a look at Pueblo. Water Grill is a good option, too…thanks, @OCSteve and @NewTrial!


If you don’t mind driving to Laguna, Selanne Steak Tavern fits the bill.


No problem. I hope you find something great. For what it’s worth, I have found Reunion to be much better for dinner then for brunch.


This is good to know! Looks like I’ll have to give it another try at some point.


We decided to make it an adventure of the night. We had an early dinner at Water Grill, where we ordered an assortment of things from the menu…the deluxe tower (love Peruvian scallops!), fritto misto, seafood fritters, lobster roll, shrimp and grits, and fish & chips. The shrimp and grits was quite nice. It was a nice meal.
We then decided to hop up to Anaheim for some bowling at Splittsville, where more cocktails were consumed with light bar snacks.
We ended the night at Trader Sam’s Tiki bar on the grounds of the Disneyland hotel…the tiki drinks were fun. Will have to go back to try to sit inside…the patio outside was nice and toasty with heaters and they have a great Hawaiian duo with guitar and ukulele as entertainment nightly.