New York visit in January. Omakase time


Coming back to New York in Jan. How is the New York thread not active!!? Oh well. Anyone have recs for a great Omakase sushi dinner. Not looking to spend more than 200 pp for the food. Thinking either Kura or Omakase room by Tatsu? Open to other recs. Also anything new that has opened since July that is a must eat?This trip is going to be all about the food. In the city for two other nights plus lunches brunches of course. Thanks!


Okuda if you’re open to kaiseki. Intimate 7 seater.


Skip Kura, didn’t enjoy it.


I am thinking Omakase room by tatsu… I think its fairly new but looks great.


Highly recommend Sushi Ginza Onodera. It’s the full package - fish, rice, service, decor, Neorest…


Ended up at Omakase Room by Tatsu down in Greenwich


Ended up at Omakase Room by Tatsu down in Greenwich Village. This was my first Omakase experience so I have nothing to compare it to but my friend who I was with has been to Japan and done many throughout New York. He said this place reminded him of Japan 8 seats 2 waiters and the chef. It was awesome. It was an 18 course meal that was $130. Every bite was delicious. I can’t remember every single fish we had but had to get an extra order of Toro at the end. Really highly recommend this restaurant!


nice update, I’ll have to check it out soon. Any highlights?


Try Kosaka or Atoo for something a bit less traditional.


Wish i wrote down each course but alas I really wanted to enjoy each bite. The Toro was phenomenal had to order an extra piece and I forgot the other one I ordered a second piece of. We had 2 carafe of Sake and with tip was $250 each. Hope to hear of your experience if you make it!


My cousin’s cousin helped open Uchu after a few years at Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare. They just earned their first Michelin star. They do both kaiseki and omakase.