If it was cantonese I would think the more likely translation would be 怪味, but whatevs


The chinese characters you referenced originated from JL… the restaurant’s response was in english


I understand that. This conversation is getting really off the point of food at nightshadbe lol but what I was originally commenting on was attempting to help @Bookwich clarify what gwaimei meant since he asked for help from cantonese speakers. But here’s my point:

  1. if it’s an English phonetic transliteration of Cantonese words (as asserted by the restaurant) it’s not likely 怪美 and more likely 怪味, and;

  2. if in fact Mei’s family is from a non-cantonese portion of china or taiwan (as asserted by @J_L) and they probably used a Mandarin transliteration and in that case 怪美 would make more sense and the email responder from nightshade might just be misinformed not knowing the difference between cantonese and mandarin.


She grew up in Dearborn, Michigan, where her family had a Chinese restaurant.

She says she grew up eating lobster like they serve at Newport Seafood.


I emailed because I thought it was a fruit of some sort, like yuzu. I was not expecting adjectives.


Anyone spent time at Duello yet (the bar at nightshade)? Heard a segment on Good Food about it and sounds interesting


Duello is inside simone


aaah that’s right! I knew that brain pedo lol.