Noda (sushi) - former Sushi Iwa no. 2


Another new high end sushi bar in Nomad helmed by former Ginza’s Sushi Iwa no. 2 - Shigeyuki Tsunoda. He seems to have consistently good reviews while his boss was away tending to the HK branch.

Likely will be Kanesaka styled progression (think Saito). $285 omakase (tips included).

Hope this will be better than sushi Amane.

NYC turning into city of dreams for aspiring Tokyo No. 2s
Jiro - Nakazawa (technically no. 3)
Saito - Amane
Iwa - Noda
… wonder who’s next?


I am going next month. Also Noz, Amane, and SGO. Will report back on everything.


at SGO, request to sit with Saito.


I saw on Instagram that Saito is leaving (soon?). I believe Toshi-san is still there, and I liked my meal with him at SGO Hawaii…I will see who’s around next month. Thanks for the tip, anyway.


Ahh I see, he was there last night and did briefly mention his future plans…


DId he mention where he was going?


The food at Noda was great - and Tsunoda-san is a super nice guy. Several “wow” pieces and overall very high level. Also indulged in some Karuizawa 12.

I went to Noda, Sushi Noz, Sushi Amane, and Sushi Ginza Onodera. At SGO, I did sit with Saito-san, but I did not ask anything about future plans. All 4 were great, had their own highlights, and I will post about each.


Cool! Looking forward to your reports. esp. Noz and Noda.