NOLA, a couple of questions (Gautreau’s, Bayona, 40th Birthday Dinner)


I love Mission Chinese and eat there at least once whenever I’m in the Bay Area. You should give it a try.

Then again, you don’t like Petit Trois, which I also adore, so maybe we are not food-compatible. :slight_smile:


Sorry I missed this post! How was your trip?


I’m leaving for NOLA next Tuesday and was wondering if anyone could give me any tips about the notorious “line-sitters” for Galatoire’s Friday lunch? I understand there are people that will get you in for around $60-80 a head by lining up at daybreak. I know it sounds kind of dirty to pay someone to stand in line for you but we’ve got a huge gift card and it’s our only free day / birthday celebration so I don’t want to leave anything to chance… plus its min. $20/hr if not more (no way anybody’s lining up 7+ hrs in advance) and people could really use the bread, so I can kind of reconcile the decision. How would I go about finding these “professional” line-sitters?


What a fun article if you haven’t seen it.


Thanks! I’ve seen it… and I just posted to Craigslist and found someone who’s very happy to do it (he texted me w/in 5 min of posting) so we’re all set!! :smiley:


I actually love the idea. Win-win! Have a great time and please report back.


Not going till October.
Many of the city’s well regarded sushi places are closed due to a relocation of the Tsukiji fish market but I got Rez at one decent place and some excellent non shushi options. But would love to hear your thoughts.

I am so surprised to hear that one need’s to have someone to wait to ensure entrance to Galatiores even on a Friday lunch. Amazing.


That link above said that it’s specifically Friday lunch and not upstairs. I love tales like that :wink:


Oh that’s perfect; I’ll send you all of our top spots when we get back from NOLA next week and I have more time to dig through our itinerary! Refresh my memory- were you just sticking to Tokyo or traveling anywhere else on this trip?

Here’s a tough question for next week:

We’ve got an 11am lunch reservation at Bon Ton Cafe and a 7:30pm dinner reservation at Clancy’s- both on the same day. I’m trying to decide whether I should go for the “Soft Shell Crab Alvin” at Bon Ton or the “Smoked Soft Shell Crab w Crabmeat Meunière” at Clancy’s… or both! :smiley:

If you were going to order one soft shell crab dish, would it be the ‘crab Alvin’ at Bon Ton or the famous ‘smoked soft shell crab’ at Clancy’s? The last time I was at Clancy’s it was unavailable so I ordered the smoked duck instead (the best I’ve ever had btw). I don’t remember ordering it at Bon Ton either but it’s one of their signature dishes. Are they different enough to try both??


noburi betsu

Can’t help with Clancy’s v. Bon Ton.
Your inclination to do both seems right!


DOWNSTAIRS Friday lunch @ Galatoire’s is something everyone needs to do once in their lives. That said, we do it almost every trip…we just call our waiter¹, and he takes care of the “line sitters.”

Remember that New Orleans is still a “three-Martini” [or Sazerac] kind of town². Fridays, it always seems like – for the kind of people who regularly attend Friday lunch at Galatoire’s – no one goes back to their office after lunch. The weekend starts now! :sunglasses: It will certainly be noisy, so be prepared for that; just sit back and enjoy the classic dishes and one of the best people-watching in all New Orleans…

UPSTAIRS @ Galatoire’s, they do take reservations, and it isn’t 1/10th the fun!

AND YES, after Friday lunch at Galatoire’s, you will only want something light for dinner…and probably later than you’d normally eat.

¹ Anyone who is a regular at Galatoire’s “has” a waiter. It’s hard to explain but the bottom line is that they know you, know your preferences, etc. Indeed, I don’t think we have ever seen a menu there; on our first ever visit, one of the regulars told us to ask for their waiter and he’s been ours ever since. Once, when we were in a local bookstore, the owner overheard my wife and I as we were looking at a book on NOLA restaurants and specifically at Galatoire’s and having your “own” waiter. He looked as us and said, “You? You have a waiter at Galatoire’s? Pray tell, WHO is your waiter?” When we mentioned our waiter’s name, he replied, “George*? George is your waiter? WELL, you HAVE arrived…” [“George” is not our waiter’s real name.]

² There are several restaurants in town that still sell Martinis (and some other cocktails) at lunch for 25¢ EACH, with a limit of three per person. Commander’s Palace for one…


We plan on spending the entire gluttonous afternoon there!

We’re going to order half the menu and just pass dishes around to other tables when we’re ready for the next spread! We received a very generous $500 gift certificate for my wife’s 40th, so let the good times roll!