Nosh -- what is the current DoTM?


W/ all the CH drama, I totally forgot what the dish was. I think it is only fitting that DoTM is one of the first threads here…

(Whoops. Meant to post this on the LA board… But perhaps nosh can do that… =) ).


It’s taters, precious!

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unlisted #5

listed #6

archived #7

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I just moved this to the LA Board.

Maybe you want to take the laboring oar on this until nosh joins us, if he does at all.

unarchived #11


Yes, current Dish of the Month on L.A. Board is potatoes.

I am very conflicted about whether to continue with the nominations, voting and DotM threads going forward, and have told the moderators so.


Oh, no! =( Is there a reason you feel conflicted (feel free to e-mail, if you wish)? I don’t mind taking it over for, say, half a yr or so. I think people really enjoyed contributing.


In any case, thank you for handling those duties, so well and for so long!!